REVIEW: Allen Poe – “How Gardens Grow”

Allen Poe
How Gardens Grow

I guess I’m prejudiced. I heard the first note of Allen Poe’s How Gardens Grow and thought to myself, “not another guy rapping over jazzy vinyl beats.” Even though that’s what this album is, I was wrong to think it wasn’t going to be good. Maybe it’s just hitting my ear at the right time. After a long day of work, then drinking a beer to relax, this shit is perfect. There isn’t an abrasive sound on the entire album. Allen Poe’s rhymes are more relaxing than taking a bath from this guy.

As his name suggest, Allen Poe is a wordsmith. Particularly with his alliterations. My favorite alliteration of the album is in the song “Coastin’ at Sunset” when he spits, “Positive prep, prevents poor performance.” Fuck yea it does, and Poe’s performance is pure poetry. He’s been prepping positively.

I don’t know much about Allen Poe. This album stands tall on it’s own, no gimmicks needed. I don’t even know what he looks like. I imagine it as something like this. Yea…that’s perfect.

I look forward to finding out more about Allen Poe, but google just brings up pictures of Edgar Allen Poe tattoos. How many Edgar Allen Poe tattoos are there in Louisville? But for those of you that don’t know anything about him, Where Gardens Grow is a fantastic fucking place to start.

Stream/Download How Gardens Grow in its entirety here.