LISTEN: Norrin Radd – mAGIC v sCIENCE

Norrin Radd are up to their old tricks again, which is to say that they’re making delightfully bouncy electro-pop. Jesus. Re-reading that sentence, I feel like I should write for Marvel, I use so many adjectives. Anyways, the Uncanny Norrin Radd continue to shine, and mAGIC v sCIENCE is a great example of that. Here you have an almost house inspired beat, which focuses heavy on a throbbing bass drum beat and snare drum interplay. The melodic work here is relegated to a pulsing synth bass with scant noises here and there creating atmosphere. And of course the vocals just kind of float over the top, illustrating the wonderful pairing of traditional (sigh) IDM tropes and pop sensibility.

For the record, whoever coined the term IDM is a fucking twit. I like a lot of that stuff, but c’mon with all that.