WATCH: Andrew Rinehart – “Doin What We Have To Do (Feat. Cheyenne Mize)

Andrew Rinehart & Cheyenne Mize

Andrew Rinehart (formerly known as Rinehart and Saredren Wells) is two EPs into a three-part series called Everything (Parts I, II, and III). A track from Part I is getting special treatment with a new music video showcasing his song “Doin What We Have To Do,” a folksy fingerpickin’ tune that also features the voice of Cheyenne Mize. The two are shown walking around the Highlands and shopping at Value Market. Not a lot happens aside from that, but the simplicity is kinda sweet and refreshing. Check it out:

Listen to Everything” (Part I & II) now on Bandcamp. No word on when Part III will be released, but I understand that a new video for Andrew Rinehart’s second single, “You Can’t Break My Heart (Pretty People Make Graves)” will be ready soon.

Also, Andrew Rinehart will be performing live on October 5th at Haymarket Whiskey Bar where he’ll be opening for Dent May.