WATCH: Allen Poe – “Old Street” ft. Emma Shaheen

You know, I kind of hate phrases like “I’ll be real,” or “to be honest.” Both imply that the speaker has a tendency towards dishonesty, like this caveat here is to illustrate how currently not-lying shit is about to get. But I’ll be real here and say I don’t know much about Allen Poe, although I should. And I’m being real here to prove that despite evidence to the contrary, sometimes dope shit happens under my radar. It’s sad, but true (like this garbage link I just found), although not a Metallica song, which is just sad.

What I do know is that the “Old Street ft. Emma Shaheen,” the video linked above (doy), has a sweetly laid back vibe that reminds me “Feel That Way”  by Blackalicious, which is an all-time banger. Seriously. Watch that video and tell me you aren’t in a better mood. That’s the feel that Allen Poe’s music has too, the kind of pleasing and thought provoking beat that would make Ivan Drago want to lay up in a hammock and drink a mojito. Rounding out the song is the sublime voice of Emma Shaheen, who I know even less about, but who has nice voice perfect for this track.

Be sure to watch for the new Allen Poe record, “How Garden’s Grow,” set to drop very soon.