LISTEN: Exacta Cube wants you to hear their debut cassette tape!

Exacta Cube is the new collaboration of electronic bleep-blop wizards Introvert and Nicholas Daniel. We’re big fans of what both of these guys have done as individual artists, so it’s easy for us to get excited about Exacta Cube. Their debut cassette, which features two improvised 9+ minute tracks is out now via City State Tapes. Pick one up at Astro Black, Guestroom, and Modern Cult.

Watch them perform tomorrow night at the City State Tapes Launch Party at Dreamland, a show which will also feature Shedding and Connor Waldman from St. Louis. Doors open at 8PM, and admission will cost you 7 bucks. For more information on this event, visit the facebook event page here. Listen to the new cassette from Exacta Cube below: