REVIEW: Adventure – “Gnarly Goo”

Gnarly Goo

It’s hard to pin down Adventure. Their new album Gnarly Goo travels seamlessly between blues, country, Americana, psychadelia, and punk influences. Their songs are wordy and sometimes storytelling in the vein of a group like Country Joe and The Fish. For every Dylan-esque influence Gnarly Goo includes, it also pays tribute to post punk from the 80’s and 90’s. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s fucking good.

The album opens up with my favorite track “Winston Ultra Lights Presents: The State Fair Song.” The title is a mouthful and the song is an earful. First of all, if you want me to give you a good review you can start by adding steel guitar to your album. This song features it perfectly. The steel in this song rolls off your ears like Lance Stephenson’s breath… it’s soothing.

The steel guitar isn’t the only great sound on this album however. The very next song, “Pollen in My Beard” features some fantastic blues guitar tones. The type of tones that are dirty enough to make you want a shower, but clean enough for your parents to understand it. Like hearing your Mom listen to “Back Door Man.”

Where Adventure really hits the mark is when they rock out. “Green Zone” is an example of a song that rocks out. When they belt out, “WHEN I’M IN THE GREEN ZONE, THEN I’LL HAVE SOME FUN,” I just want to break something. I just want to crawl on the floor and bang my head! Somebody give me a beer!

Better yet, grab yourself a beer and listen to Gnarly Goo here.