INTERVIEW: Phil & Josef Medley talk about their band Adventure and their new CD “Gnarly Goo”

Adventure: Rock Band/Landscaping Company for hire.

They aren’t quite country, they’re not Americana, and they aren’t pop. I guess I’d call Adventure “roots rock.” Yeah, that’s the ticket. They certainly aren’t new comers, as they’ve been around for a decade now and have released a number of albums. In the past Adventure have played Forecastle, Lebowskifest, as well as WFPK’s Live Lunch

A short while ago Adventure released their fantastic new CD called Gnarly Goo which I highly recommend you look into, if you haven’t already. Fans of Dwight Yoakam (like me) should love this stuff. Check out “It’s Crowded Tonight,” because it’s awesome:

We wanted to learn more about these guys, so I decided to reach out to cousins Phil and Josef Medley who were kind enough to answer a few questions about Adventure, their new record Gnarly Goo, and what it’s like having huge late fees at Wild & Wooly.

Never Nervous: Talk about Adventure. Who’s in the band, and who does what now?

Phil Medley: Let’s see…Josef Medley here plays Guitar and sings, I’m also on Guitar and vocals, Alex Clark-Medley plays bass and sings, and Josh Clark-Medley hits the ol’ drums.

NN: Do you guys have a neat origin story?

Josef Medley: Ever since getting too close to the Ultraviolet explosion, when the moon comes up we are subconsciously impelled to find an available attic or basement to create visions of earth in sound and word.

PM: Radiation equals rock and roll. Who knew??

NN: How would you describe your band to someone that has never heard you?

JM: Kind of rock and roll with guitars and yelling and jumping around and stuff.

NN: What kind of music drives you guys? Are there any direct influences you’d care to cite?

JM: The lyrics page of Frank Black‘s Teenager of the Year  set a pretty high bar for me personally-content wise and productivity wise. He was writing about super diverse subjects, and using a lot of different styles. Ditto his work with The Catholics, especially the CD Long Black Letter Days. Other influences: classic rock radio and art classes in the 90’s.

PM: All that and I’ll take all the country artists…Dwight Yoakam, Waylon, Kris…lyrically those guys get it done. But other guitar rock and rollers like The Mekons hit it pretty well too.

NN: After the release of Gnarly Goo, then what? Is there a tour lined up?

JM: Tour of maternity wards!

PM: You should see our rider.

NN: Are there any current bands in Louisville that you are particularly into lately?

JM: Alex Clark writes cool songs for Toy Tiger. Kirk Kiefer writes good songs. They’ve both been in Adventure, so I guess that’s not totally unbiased. But it’s not totally untrue, either.

PM: Always fun to play a show with our friends in Supertruck, too. I always come away wanting to steal all their grooves. “I should write a song like that!”

NN: Now that there are several record shops to choose from in Louisville, where do you choose to buy your records?

JM: Underground Sounds. Some cool record store in Bloomington that’s at the back of a coffee shop.

PM: And The Great Escape for a used copy of Steel Wheels.

NN: If you had to choose just one spot, where is the best place to drink beer in Louisville?

JM: Don’t drink, don’t smoke, what’cha gonna do?

NN: Do you rent from Redbox? Or are you a Netflix kinda guy? Or are you a real O.G. and rent your movies from Wild & Wooly?

JM: If I enter Wild and Wooly, sirens greet me and the dude’s behind the counter start dreaming of retirement. (Editor’s note: these are not the mythical sirens who call sailors to the sea, but the sirens that accompany baying dogs and flashing lights)

PM: AHHH…that’s why he always asks me to go rent movies for him at Wild And Wooly.

NN: Lastly, talk about a few songs that have been blowing you away lately.

JM: The Wedding Present – “Brassneck; Blur – “Parklife”; Louis Jordan – “Beans and Cornbread”; and anything by Harry Belafonte. Oh! and I heard “Wrapped Around My Finger” the other day at the food mart, and it helped me through the breakfast aisle.

PM: The Strokes – “The End Has No End”, The Clash “Straight To Hell”, and “Broken Freedom Song” from Kristofferson. And I have kids, so “Camptown Races” has some nice intricacies that I missed the first time around.