On The Record with Rocko Jerome

This year’s Vinyl Fest, which will be happening downtown next weekend, will feature a special new attraction.  Writer Rocko Jerome will host a panel called “On The Record” where a group of current and former music store owners and record label runners will sit down together and talk about Louisville’s rich and historic music scene.  What makes this panel especially compelling is the guest list of speakers:

I asked host Rocko Jerome to give a bit of insight on what we can expect to see, and he offered this brief, to-the-point explanation:

The show has a bunch of stuff going on, but my aspect, and the part that is compelling to you and people that read your site, is running this panel discussion. It will be an hour and a half of these guys and gal talking about the projects they’ve done in the past and what they are working on now. Nothing much more complicated than that. I’ve always wanted to see these guys in the same place at the same time, I’m hoping it will be compelling. I worked it out with the show to have vouchers for a discount to get into the show at Matt Anthony’s, Modern Cult, and Better Days.

On The Record will happen on Saturday, August 30th and last from 2:30-4 at Crowne Plaza Hotel.  One day tickets for Vinyl Fest are 15 bucks, and advance vouchers to get a 10 dollar ticket are available at Better Days, Modern Cult, and Matt Anthony’s Record Shop.  For more information on this panel, check out the facebook event page here, and for more information on Vinyl Fest go here.