LISTEN: Dirty Bitch – “Death Is In You”

Ready to get mild heavy? You betcha. Yesterday Dirty Bitch dropped their latest “Death is in You,” which carries all that same weight. Dirty Bitch certainly play against type. I’ve mentioned before that their name conjures this kind of grimy bar scene, like I’m drinking shitty beer at the Thoroughbred Lounge, waiting for that last solo guitar shred to come in so that I can pay my tab, eat some White Castle’s to sober up, and stumble home. By contrast, this is a much more thoughtful affair, laid back but with a good momentum. There’s that aforementioned darkness that kind of hangs in the air, and given that this is a project of Mike Oerther, more than a little guitar trickery happening here, like the criminally under-rated Strike City filtered through War on Drugs and maybe a little Queens of the Stone Age for good measure. There is just enough prog here for the music nerds, but plenty of good hooks, both vocally and instrumentally, all making for another solid outing. Click that link up above, but maybe not at work, unless your boss is really cool.