INTERVIEW: Chris Kincaid talks about the upcoming collaborative EP from Karass called “Order of Operations”

From bottom left: Dennis Stein, Greg Ward, Chris Kincaid and Josh Claxton are KARASS

Over the last few years, indie rock band Karass has developed a reputation as being creators of beautifully constructed instrumental space-rock jams. For evidence, look no further than their brilliant six-song 2012 EP Imponderable Bloom.  But If you’ve ever wondered what these guys would sound like with some kind of vocal presence, you’re in luck. The band is ready to release a collaborative recording featuring vocal contributions from some pretty awesome people in Louisville, including Cheyenne Marie Mize, Amber Thieneman (The Sandpaper Dolls), Danica Ransom (TFCF, Venus Trap), Cher Von, and hip-hop artist Touch Armor ClassOrder of Operations will be released August 19th on cassette by Tape Deck Records and as a digital download through most online retailers, as well as the band’s Bandcamp page.  Check out the cassette’s layout:

You can pick up an advance copy of Order of Operations this Saturday (8/16) when the band plays a special in-store show at Modern Cult Records. Karass will also perform at their record release show at Zanzabar the following Saturday (8/23) with Danica Ransom and Touch Armor Class. Also, to promote the release, Karass conceived a badass music video featuring their joint-effort with Cher Von called “Delusion”:

For more information, guitarist/synth-dude Chris Kincaid was kind enough to answer a few questions about Karass and their upcoming release.

Never Nervous: When and how did Karass form? And who all in the band?

Chris Kincaid: Greg and I were in a noise band together before called Getting Out Alive. It was kind of like if The Locust and Neurosis had a baby. That band stopped playing and we started coming up with ideas for something a little less intense. After a bit Josh Claxton came on board. For three years we were a three piece until working on a collaborative EP with local glitch wiz-kid, Dennis Stein (Introvert.) We had so much fun working on that EP that we asked him to join the band.

NN: Are there any bands that particularly inspire you guys to create your music?

CK: We are always listening to different stuff. No one in the band can usually agree on more than ten good bands. We really like each other, and in our group of friends that means playing music together. It seems like so many of our friends are musicians.

NN: Where did the band name “Karass” come from?

CK: It’s one of Kurt Vonnegut’s made up words that fills up his book, Cat’s Cradle.

NN: On the upcoming collaboration album from Karass, you’re joining forces with singer-songwriters, rockers, and even a rapper. What the hell can we expect to hear?

CK: Lasers mostly. People singing over laser sounds.

NN: How did this whole joint album happen? Who’s idea was it?

CK: We had so much fun collaborating with Dennis a few years back that we wanted to do that again, and we figured that different vocalists would be great to work with because we had never done that before. Singing in our music is kind of a new thing for us.

NN: Aside from the folks guest-starring on your new cassette, is there anyone else in the world that you’d hand-pick to collaborate with Karass (hypothetically)? It’s Fred Schneider, isn’t it?

CK: A motivation album with Fred screaming “You can do it!” over and over could be the jam. Then again people might just think it’s a new Future Islands record.

For more information on their in-store show this Saturday, August 16th at Modern Cult Records, click here.  For more on their EP release show next Saturday, August 23rd at Zanzabar, click here.

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