LISTEN: Xerxes “Chestnut Street” is the Neo-Rites of Spring Track You Never Knew You Needed!

Pictured above: Bart Simpson’s artificial kidney.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how cool Xerxes was about a month ago at a benefit show for the Louisville Outskirts Festival. I thought they were a hardcore band, and while I have no objection to that style of music, it’s not something that usually resonates with me. But I was wrong in my assumptions, which to be fair isn’t all that unusual: Xerxes has way more in common with The Cure or The Smiths than it does with 88′ style hardcore. In fact, as the headline is so subtle to suggest, I posit that they sound like a mix between the aforementioned bands and Rites of Spring, a nice mix that scratches an itch that I didn’t even know needed scratching. It’s pretty fucking rad. And they just released a single off of their upcoming record Collison Blonde, out in mid-October on No Sleep Records. That single, “Chestnut Street,” is all about the Chestnut House that was home to a lot of shows in a very short period of time, and you can hear it on Spin’s website. That’s the big time there, brother.

And I would’ve put the music here, but either the label/Spin has it on lockdown, or I’m far too impatient to navigate they mysteries of Soundcloud this morning, which sounds like the kind of sentence that you only write in the future.