REVIEW: Frontier(s) – White Lights

White Lights
Tiny Engines

It’s not that I didn’t care about There Will Be No Miracles Here, the 2010 debut record from post-hardcore band Frontier(s), but after multiple listens, the only feeling I had was the urge to listen to Elliott, singer/guitarist Chris Higdon’s former iconic band. I feel that train of thought is totally fair, as any band that Higdon is fronting will draw immediate comparisons to Elliott and/or Falling Forward, for better or worse. That’s not to say the first effort from Frontier(s) wasn’t good, because I did like it, but it didn’t spend much time in my rotation after its initial release. Fast forward four years later: Frontier(s) has a brand new 5-song EP called White Lights that again will draw immediate comparisons to Higdon’s former band, but this time in a way that feels refreshing.

To me, Frontier(s) has always come across as a heavier, screamier version of Elliott, which is totally fine, as long as the songs aren’t stale, louder rehashings of what I’ve already heard. I’m happy to report that all five of the tracks on White Lights are quality 1990’s-style post-hardcore jams that manage to stand out on their own, despite who’s playing them. This EP is a quick listen, but also certainly offers the best listening experience I’ve had with Frontier(s) as of yet. While the genre this band embraces can be a bit overdone, especially the last five years or so, every track is unique.

My favorite song on White Lights is definately the third track, titled “Our March.” It is a bit more driven by Higdon’s beautiful vocals, and not as heavy as the others. I’m also drawn to the closer “Bare Hands,” which showcases the rougher side of Higdon’s voice. While this track doesn’t fully embrace the hardcore genre, the vocals are undeniably Falling Forward-esque.

Listen to White Lights below: