Go To Cropped Out Get Free Sophomore Lounge Stuff!

Pictured above: The love child of the Chicago Bulls and the Toxic Avenger!

Hi. Do you like Morlock rock? Like the kind made by sinister sewer fiends that blow your mind with space sounds and jazz notes? If you’re reading this, I’d say probably. You probably like to think outside of the bun. Attention weirdos: you are with friends here.

It stands to reason then that you probably already have your Cropped Out pass then, because that’s where all the mutant music is happening the last full weekend in September, and you probably don’t want to be a square and miss out on it. And I say all these things with a gleeful whimsy, because I like things that aren’t boring. Since you probably do too, which again is why I imagine you’re currently reading this, then I wager you’ll want to snatch up some free Sophomore Lounge tunes this week at the low, low cost of absolutely fucking free, with a proof of purchase of a Cropped Out early bird pass. Do you like the neo-No Wave (but surprisingly danceable) sounds of Guerilla Toss? Or what about the stark blues of Jaye Jayle? How about the fuzzed out, psychedelia of Phantom Family Halo
You can get all this stuff and more. For free. Just show them proof that you’re going to the weirdest festival in town by emailing them at sophomorelounge@gmail.com, and you can take money away from Ryan Davis’ future children. Offer is good through Friday, August 1st, so get to it.