That’s me, Forecasteling my ass off.

To me personally, this year’s Forecastle lineup on paper is certainly the most interesting and exciting that I’ve ever seen.  The roster isn’t overloaded with rerun jam bands or boring DJs that I could give a shit less about.  Instead we are gifted with a diverse collection of bands like St. Lucia, Slint, Dwight Yoakam, and Against Me! to name a few.  Also, this is the first year that I actually genuinely care about some of the headliners.  

Because you care what I think, I wrote a little bit about what I thought of some of the notable bands I watched, just as I did last year

WARNING: The shitty pictures and videos you are about to encounter were all taken by me from my vantage point.  If you want quality photography, go here

Old Baby at the WFPK Stage

I’m not sure that there could’ve been a better way to kick off a long day of watching music than watching indie rockers Old Baby. They played a nice mix of songs from their first two records as well as a few new ones.  I’ve never had a bad time watching Old Baby, and their Forecastle offering was no different.

No, I’ve never really cared much about Against Me!, but watching them was kinda fun, in a “I remember being 16” kind of way. I was reminded of all of the fun times I had going to Krazy Fest in the early 00’s. Oh wait, I forgot, Against Me! actually played Krazy Fest ’11.  Go figure.

St. Lucia refuses to be boring!
Hot damn, St. Lucia were so good. Charismatic singer/guitarist Jean-Philip Grobler was incredibly fun to watch, as were the rest of the band. I truly feel it was impossible not to have a good time throughout their set, despite all of the annoying young people (get off my lawn!). They played most of the jams found on their latest record When The Night, including my personal favorite “Elevate.”

Local Natives plays at the Mast Stage
Local Natives certainly were entertaining.  The “big” sound heard on their records was emulated well with group vocal harmonies.  They added a bit of flair to their set with a nice cover of the Talking Heads classic “Warning Sign.”  Well done.

Andre 3000 being “Obviously Obvious”

If you missed Outkast last night, I am truly sorry. Sadly, you missed the greatest show I have seen in Louisville in quite a while. With no other way to put it, they absolutely fucking crushed it. Andre 3000 and Big Boi blasted through a fantastic setlist that included hot tracks from every record they’ve released. This is the kind of performance that legitimizes Forecastle as a major event, and makes it seem relevant in comparison to other major festivals.  I will never forget this performance.

As easy as it seems to hate on mega-fests like Forecastle, I found day one almost impossible to complain about.  It truly was a fuckin’ blast.  But will day two manage to pack the same punch?