LISTEN: Jonathan Glen Wood – “Ballad Of Jon”

If you appreciate finely crafted old-timey country music, you’ll probably fall head over heals for Ballad Of Jon, the new 13-song CD from Jonathan Glen Wood. It sounds as if Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson themselves had their hands all over this, which is pretty awesome. How does this guy have the time to do this stuff, anyway? He’s already a member of Old Baby, Jaye Jayle, and Sexy Minotaur (his newest project with Catherine Irwin.) Anyway, we interviewed JGW before the release of this album a short while ago, and he explained that his new album boasts “traditional folk and country song forms. I think it’s music for the ages. Actually, if you bought a copy of this new record for your grandparents, they would really enjoy it.” Neat. Listen to Ballad Of Jon below.

Buy Ballad Of Jon online here. The album can also be listened to on Spotify.