REVIEW: Greyhaven – “Cult America”

Cult America
Little Heart Records

When a friend tells me I should check out the newest “badass hardcore band,” I usually shrug my shoulders and sigh “I’m too old for this shit.” There are way too many loud, hardcore bands nowadays, seemingly a hundred times more than when I was particularly drawn to the genre. It’s getting harder and harder to find current quality bands that pride themselves on being loud as shit without regurgitating the same tired material that has been absolutely done to death. Enter Greyhaven and their debut record Cult America. After listening to this album all week, I’ve come to the conclusion that these guys not only aren’t boring, they are pretty damned interesting.

I don’t know much about Greyhaven. Who’s in the band? How old are they? I have no clue, the only direct information I have on this four-piece is what sparse information that is available on their facebook page. No, I haven’t seem them play because I haven’t been to a hardcore show in years. But that could change really fast the next time these fellas play in Louisville, as I’m pretty excited about the music on Cult America. It’s big, loud and aggressive, but not stale. While the songs provided certainly have a bit of a classic hardcore foundation, I feel more of a rock n’ roll attitude. The vocals sorta take me back to Mike Patton’s weirdness during his brief collaboration with The Dillinger Escape Plan. The guitar, bass and drums are tight and together, but not to the point of sounding too polished or overproduced. My favorite song is the third track titled “Hollywood Catholic.”

Personally, I don’t get very excited about screamy hardcore bands lately, especially not in Louisville. But hot damn, Cult America is impossible to ignore. If you are currently really into abrasive, loud music, this album is for you. If you were into really abrasive, loud music fifteen years ago, this album is for you. If Morrissey is your favorite thing ever, this album probably isn’t for you.

Listen to Cult America here.