READ: Burt the Cat Magazine. Seriously. Read Them All Now.

Pictured above: Yeah, we just used the same picture as everybody else. This cat doesn’t give a shit either.

Per usual, Never Nervous is quick to deliver old news, like the Daily Show weekly. There was a time in Louisville History before the internet. I’m serious. Don’t freak out, but once people got there news from words printed onto paper. And this news came from all sorts of places. There were a ton of awesome zines around, like this one or that one for example, one of which was the Burt the Cat Magazine. I remember BTC as a witty, well put together zine that didn’t take itself especially seriously, but which featured good writing. Plus they used a scale for their record reviews that compared bands to Slint, so there’s that too. Anyways, you can check out here courtesy of the Louisville Underground Music Archive, and read all of the old issues.