REVIEW: Touch AC + FilthyRich – Satan’s On His Way And He Wants His Drugs

Touch AC + Filthy Rich
Satan’s On His Way And He Wants His Drugs

When Touch AC, the title rapper here, says “zero fuck giver,” I’m inclined to agree; this is an album that’s not particularly concerned with what you think. Titled “Satan’s On His Way and Wants His Drugs,” there is a kind of seething threaded throughout the beats here, like everything is a little grimy and dangerous. That said, this is still accessible music, albeit in the vein of the Def Jux or Anticon hip-hop or maybe even the best Wu-Tang, production wise. So while there does seem to be a general sense of irreverence here, it’s not quite so unconventional as, say, Death Grips, making the overall proceedings here a bit more easy on the ears. This isn’t about breaking the mold in hip-hop, it’s about tough as hell beats, and clever rhymes.

There are, however, some pretty interesting moments that do change up the pace somewhat. The tracks “Case of the Tuesdays” and “Luna” are much less hip-hop and more beat poetry set to ambient music. Where conventional hip-hop seems skewed towards the skit track, something I find particularly useless given the shelf life for each skit (once I’ve heard it, I’m probably good forever), SOHWAWHD swaps that out for brief little forays like the two above mentioned. In fact, the album is paced really well, switching between hot bangers “Ego Crushin” or “GRITFACE!,” with chilled out tracks like “Get Bent featuring Kogan Dumb and Dat Boi Dunn.

For my money, “The Necromancer w/CJ Prof,” is the stand out track. It kind of reminds me of the track “Swordsman” from the seminal GZA album “Liquid Swords,” in terms of the general mood and atmosphere. This is a dark and intimidating track, perhaps my favorite variety of hip-hop designed to scare Tipper Gore and her ilk to death. And while this is one of the stand out tracks on the record, the rest of the production doesn’t suffer as FilthyRich proves his consistency from track to track. This is a solidly put together affair and one that further cements how interesting our local hip-hop scene has become.

And they have a track called Locutus, which speaks to my inner nerd. So there’s that too.