LISTEN: Summer Cold (feat. Kogan Dumb) prod. TinyForest

Play Cold is a name unfamiliar to me, but something I need to get more acquainted with, especially with this as an example of his work. The track above, “Summer Cold,” is proof positive that he’s gifted at his game, and certainly savvy enough to know to work with one of the best rappers, and one of the best producers in the city. Every time I talk about TinyForest I compare him (favorably) to Clams Casino, and those hits aren’t stopping today. The thing that sets this about though, is that unlike with Clams Casino’s instrumentals, this translates well as a vehicle for vocals, ably provided here by Kogan Dumb. Want proof of that? Listen to the beautiful track “All I Need” here as an instrumental, then here as Soulja Boi fucks it up with his gross raps. Barf. This isn’t like this at all. The pairing of TinyForest, whose work continues to impress, and Kogan Dumb is nothing new (see: Bird Zoo), but it’s no less impressive. This is good stuff.