LISTEN: La Forge Beams Hot Live Jams Straight Into Your Brain’s Main Deflector Dish!

So a few things here. First, yes, I just used all sorts of Star Trek talk in my headline, because I am brave enough to show my nerd. I almost wrote “to show my inner nerd,” but there is jack shit about me that doesn’t alert even the most passive observers that I don’t give a solid fuck about being cool. Of course, I tread dangerous ground even writing those words, since talking about not being cool is cool. I think. Fuck, I don’t know. Maybe it’s like Fight Club or something, where the first rule of being a first class baller is not talking about being a first class baller. But then I think about Jay-Z who announces his radness like it’s his job (it is), and I get all turned around again. The lesson here is that I know nothing, except that this is good music for your ear holes, and that Star Trek references make me happy.

Secondly, you might notice that no one in this band lives in Louisville. I assume everyone reading this is like Sherlock Cumberbatch and gets deep investigating things on the internet, mainly because that’s the world I want to live in, where people are informed. Obviously then I’m ignoring that Indiana is a real place, and not just the bridge that prevents you from falling into Hell that runs between Louisville and Chicago (where La Forge the band, not the space engineer, calls home). Anyways, just in case you didn’t know, guitarist Corey Lyons is from Louisville, and played in Louisville titans Bodyhammer before taking off on his spirit quest a decade or more ago (“spirit quest” may or may not be college). Add in the fact that La Forge sounds very much like a product of our illustrious city (see: The Shipping News, Rodan, Slint, or Crain to name a few), and you can probably see why they should be included here.

Also, they’re awesome, and this is audio proof of that, so listen up.