Help Art+FM and Buy Some Righteous Albums Already!

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why there are a bunch of words on this picture. THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.

You’re probably on this site for one of a few reasons: you think that Phil or I are very handsome, very witty people; you got lost looking up sports statistics, but then were sucked into the orbit of our handsome wit; or you like music and shit. Well, we’ve got news for you, buster. A bunch of folks are selling records tomorrow at Dreamland to help raise money for Art+FM. You want records signed by folks? Come out and buy something already. If I’m reading this right, Slint will have a food truck there. Or in my heart they do. I bet it would be called “For Dinner (Tacos).” That’d be awesome.

Anyways, bring a friend and a donut out tomorrow morning to help out w/Art+FM, and maybe even get your day drink on at Dreamland. They have good beers, you know.