INTERVIEW: Daniel Pujol talks about his new record KLUDGE and where to drink beer in Nashville!

Photo by Jamie Goodsell

If you haven’t heard, Nasvhille’s power-pop specialist Daniel Pujol, better known simply as PUJOL will be making another appearance in Louisville this Friday night (6/13) at Zanzabar. He is currently on tour promoting his excellent new record KLUDGE, which features a song I absolutely love called “Pitch Black” that can be listened to here. Oh, and you can also watch a video of him playing it a few days ago in Denver, too:

The show also features The Detroit Cobras, music starts at 9PM, and it’ll cost you 12 bucks. To get you prepared for the show, we asked Daniel a few questions that he was nice enough to answer a few days ago..

Never Nervous: You’ve played in Louisville once or twice. What do you like most about our hometown?

Daniel Pujol: I like the architecture and the people.

NN: Talk about your newest record KLUDGE.  Is there a fascinating origin-story behind it?

DP: It could be interesting. The record was just supposed to be a singles comp, but then I got the opportunity to make it a full record. I rented a strip mall unit in Mt. Juliet, TN that was also a teen center and show venue. The producer and I recorded there at night after business hours to about 7-9am at the latest. It was cheaper and more free than a studio. It was recorded in between tours.

I took time off from touring to get it mixed around Battle Tapes‘ busy schedule. It was finished and mixed at Battle Tapes while it was under construction. It was kind of crazy, but it was an alright time. It sounds pretty close to what I was going for.

NN: Please refer a couple places to drink beer in Nashville that don’t suck. Whenever I pass through, I end up paying 5 dollars for a shit beer while watching some old-timers play Buck Owens covers.  What part of Nashville isn’t dumb?

DP: Dino’s off Gallatin. Definitely.

NN: So why do you think cassette tapes are making a comeback? It seems more and more independent record labels are shitting out more and more tapes. Is it a fad, or what?

DP: I like the way they sound. They squash out a lot of stuff I think sounds too brittle in digital recordings. They seem to be financially effective and portable, but way more material than a CD. I think CD carry data and cassette tapes can carry music. That’s why probably.

NN: How excited are you about the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII? I mean, really…

DP: I’m so excited I’m not paying attention to any of the press so I can be totally surprised, good or bad.

NN: Why should folks in Louisville come see you this Friday? Give them one good reason to avoid the forthcoming Full House marathon…

DP: A few of the songs are only about pizza, your 20s, ignoring class awareness and remembering the 90s but the band plays them well. That good?

NN: Before you go, talk about a few records that have been blowing up your skirt lately.

DP: Denney and the JetsMexican Coke