INTERVIEW: Vaderbomb talks about their triumphant return to music/sports entertainment!

Vaderbomb Returns!

Vaderbomb is the kind of punk band this planet desperately needs, so when they announced their retirement a year or two ago, people were understandably devastated. Fret not, brother. These dudes are fucking back and (maybe) better than ever as they courageously embark on playing shows again. In case you need a refresher course on what these guys sound like, check out D.D.P.E.P. below, which is currently available as a free download for you and you only:

These dudes don’t open up to the press often, but earlier this week they were kind enough to answer a few questions regarding their return to prominence, their favorite wrestlers, and the infamous Montreal Screwjob

Never Nervous: What brings Vaderbomb back from the grave? Is there some unfinished business to be delt with?

El Chubbs: Listen daddy, it’s quite simple: the millions (and millions) of Vaderbomb fans in the Kentuckiana region have been looking for a group of saviors since the day we hung up our masks. It takes a lot of intense training and conditioning to do what we do. Years spent traveling the globe and perfecting our craft. When we decided to call it a day, it wasn’t because we couldn’t cut it. We knew that in order to continue being the best, taking time off to sharpen our tools was a must. So we sat back and watched the young guns rise to the top. The climate of music in Louisville music has changed. Bands have formed and disbanded. New contenders have risen to challenge us. Tell ’em about it Sweet Lou!

Sweet Lou: Oh we’re back alright, but it’s not for nothing. We’re back to prove we’ve still got what it takes to have our hands raised at the end of the night, to stand tall with the belt, and to prove that we’re still number 1.

NN: Is this a temporary reunion, or are you gonna hang around for a while?

Bashford: Temporary!? I should bust your damn lip.

SL: We’re gonna be around for as long as it takes to show the world what the power of Vaderbomb is all about. We’re not greedy for money, we’re greedy for respect. And at the end of the day, bubba, we’ll make ’em all bow down for the greatest of all time.

NN: How did Vaderbomb happen? When did you guys first start making music?

SL: Vaderbomb has been traveling the world together for years. From Japan to Mexico, Canada to Germany and back around again. We’ve sold out arenas everywhere we’ve been. From Madison Square Garden, to the Pontiac Silverdome, to the Tokyo Dome in Japan and back again. When you’re on the road together night in and night out, town after town, and match after match, you’re going to form a strong brotherhood. It’s only natural that would cross over into the music world.

B: We aren’t just a band, we’re a stable, jabroni, and don’t you forget it!

EC: It’s no secret the state of punk rock has become a lifeless bore, and any show as of late has been packed wall to wall with pencil neck geeks. As the saviors of strong style, we’re here to shake things up and show ’em what we’ve got.

NN: Is there a particular inspiration behind the music you guys create?

B: The only one who inspires me is ME, bubba, and that’s a fact. We’re the best in the world at what we do and we blaze the trails around here.

SL: From the Dixie Highway to the east end, the power of Vaderbomb flows through this city. We are only a vessel that carries out the message and music and the energy of Vaderbomb. Any inspiration comes solely from the hearts and minds of the Vadermaniacs around us.

NN: Will you ever perform without the masks? KISS gave their make-up a rest for a while.

EC: These masks might seem silly to you, but they have a rich culture and tradition, buddy. Our masks are our identities and for you to even suggest that we unmask is a slap in the face to everything that Vaderbomb stands for. You’ve got three strikes, jack, use ’em wisely.

NN: Why haven’t more punk bands embraced wrestling? To me it seems like a match made in heaven.

Nicky Heinous: The few bands that do embrace our industry have realized that professional wrestling is a great performing art, with a great history. Not just a bunch of meat-heads in spandex. Sure you’ve got a few, but the best in the business bust their ass every day for what they love. I think the reason more bands don’t embrace the greatest sport of ’em all is because they just can’t cut the mustard. You think you’ve got what it takes to step in the squared circle? We’ve spent years in the dojo, brother. Jump in the ring with Vaderbomb sometime, I guaren-damn-tee that you won’t be able to keep up.

NN: Who is your favorite wrestler of all time? It’s Bastion Booger, right?

EC: Tighten those lips up brother, I sense a little sarcasm. You’ve got two strikes left. Bastion was a good man.

SL: I’m gonna have to say our namesake, the baby bull himself, the mastodon, Big Van Vader.

NN: A lot of ladies out there are into your whole suplexed rock n’ roll persona. What do you have to say to all of the babes hoping to get a piece?

EC: Dream on…

NN: If we were to smash a few beers tonight, where in Louisville would we go?

SL: You don’t get in the shape we’re in by slamming beers.

NH: Our sets take weeks and weeks of physical, and mental preparation. Meditation. Finding ones self and bringing forth the inner fire to melt the faces of friends and foes alike.

EC: Partner, the bar scene isn’t for me. If you prove you’re tough enough you could join us at the dojo anytime. We have a refrigerator full of Tecate and Pacifico, but it’ll cost you.

NN: Have you gotten over the Montreal Screwjob? Brett Hart says he has, but I don’t believe him.

SL: Shawn screwed Bret, Vince screwed Bret, Bret screwed Bret, they all screwed Sunny, and you can go screw yourself. Next question, jabroni.

NN: Will The Undertaker ever die? I mean, come on, Paul Bearer did.

B: Is this a joke to you? You have the chance to interview THE Vaderbomb and this is what you’ve got?! There are people knocking down our doors to have a word with us, and you insult the best in the business? Where I come from you’d get an open hand slap for that. Just ask John Stossel.

NN: Hulkamania is fucking dead. Right?

EC: This interview is over, jack, and you’ll be lucky if you don’t get a world class beating for your troubles. Now count your blessings and hit the bricks!

Vaderbomb will be playing Saturday, June 28 at The Rustic Frog as part of The IWA Midsouth 2014 Royal Day Of Death.

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