INTERVIEW: Dahm Majuri Cipolla talks about the new record from Phantom Family Halo

Photo by Pete Voelker

After a relocation from Louisville to New York a few years ago, Dahm Majuri Cipolla and his band Phantom Family Halo are set to return for a special show this Friday, April 18th at The New Vintage (check out the facebook event page here). What’s the occasion? Well, the former hometown band has a special hometown show to promote a new record called Raven Town Witch, which was released via Sophomore Lounge a week or so ago. And yeah, I figured it was imperative to ask Dahm a few questions about the band’s upcoming local appearance and latest effort…

Never Nervous: Tell us about Raven Town Witch. There seems to be an occult theme that runs throughout. Am I picking that up right, or is there something else?

Dahm Majuri Cipolla: There is a theme, but I’m not totally sure what it is yet. These are ideas that seem to make more sense in a otherworldly sorta setting. It is also a bit tongue and cheek sometimes.

NN: How do you write? Is it collaborative? Does the band jam things together? Or do you write the words, then the music?

DMC: It’s a mixture, I write a lot of stuff alone then bring it to the band and we play around with it, see how it changes.

NN: It sounds like there are a lot of fun toys used on this record. I hear some pretty rad keyboard/organ sounds and definitely some fun effects. What are you using? What musical stuff do you want that you don’t have?

DMC: we had a tower of gadgets and effects to experiment with. The Nord is awfully present throughout, as well as standard rock band devices, lots of pedals as well…

NN: I understand the lineup of the band has rotated a few times. How does that impact the song writing, if at all?

DMC: It can bring a fresh approach or ideas for trying things in a way I may not have thought before.

NN:I bet you get this question a lot, but what does the bands name mean? Asking for a friend.

DMC: I had a dream someone was handing me a record and the name was written across the top.

NN: How does this band compare to your others? Do you ever miss just singing like you did with Dead Child, or drumming (and singing) for Starkiller? What’s your preferred role in PFH?

DMC: I consider myself a drummer, but I prefer to play guitar and sing in PFH. I do miss just singing, that’s pretty fun.

NN: Recommend a band or two in New York that folks here in Louisville probably haven’t heard of.

DMC: Center Divider & Dichroics

NN: Lastly, talk about a few records you’ve been diggin’ on lately.

DMC: Here is a list of what’s stacked in front of my record player now:
Silverhead, Undertones, Zior, Buffalo, soundtrack to Day of the Dead, Diamanda Galas, Moondog, Popol vuh