Little Heart Records Signs Great Floods!

Pictured Above: Great Floods touch base in front of their amp overlords.

I’ve never heard Great Floods until today. It’s loud, cranky, and would probably scare Tipper Gore. I’ve never heard them, but damn I hear a lot about them. I see there name up everywhere, and they seem to play out pretty often. I just read that they’re playing with ’68 mid-April, and that one song of that dude hollering and playing guitar in the studio is catchy and brutal. So clearly Great Floods are doing something right, hustling to get out there, and making the kind of thrash punk that would give Oderus Urungus angel wings up in the heaven that he’s currently terrorizing.

Clearly the folks at Little Heart Records thought the same thing, since they just signed them today. I wonder if they literally signed something, like a bunch of folks were sitting around a conference room table, getting all synergized and touching base about stuff, because I think everyone that does business “touches base.” Anyways, expect to see a a new EP by them later in 2014. Check out the video for their newest single “Limbs” below.