SHOW: Be the Hank Williams Jr. You Want to see in others and Go See Guerilla Toss tomorrow night!

Pictured above: Mutant Sex Lunch. Xavier’s school just got wild.

Are you ready for some football? A Saturday night party! Ol’ Bocephus is. Or he was until he got all racist or stupid. Or just made it more public that he was already those things. Not much of a secret really. You and all your rowdy friends need to get down to Dreamland, get your skis shined up, as Cropped Out presents an evening with a gaggle of weirdos including Guerilla Toss, Humongous, Lexington’s Ma Turner, and Ryan Power from Vermont. Let me give you reasons why.

Okay, first and foremost it’s because Guerilla Toss are righteous. I just listened to the Birthday Party covering Funhouse from that live record. It’s so, so good. Like if you listen to it and you don’t get a sense of glee, there might be something wrong with you. Every time Nick Cave screams, I imagine the smoke coming out of the soundboard, and like a really panicked sound guy freaking out. And that track has a horn player, unusual for the Birthday Party, and the horns get all mangled at one point, which I’ve been told or read somewhere happened when horn player dude got into a fight. I love that.

Now imagine that spirit, that disgusting, over-the-top, glee filtered through the mutated garbage sounds of Arab on Radar. Bang. Introducing Guerilla Toss. Prepare for something that could only be described as fubar. And don’t we all need more fubar in our lives?

It’s fitting then that Humongous are playing. They aren’t like Guerilla Toss, at least tonally speaking, but they’re no less mutated. Humongous play like a ragtime band on meth, like the soundtrack to Boardwalk Empire as played by the Dead Kennedy’s. And I promise you, this is me doing my best describe what is essentially the indescribable here. There kind of like Cthulu in that way, but way more fun at parties.

I don’t know as much about Ma Turner or Ryan Power, but I’ll struggle through. From what I can tell, Ma Turner is the one man alter-ego of the guitarist from Warmer Milks, CROSS, Salad Influence. Listening to it, I get why this works on a bill. Ma Turner is super-stripped down drums and noises from what I can tell, although surprisingly melodic and enjoyable despite that description. Ryan Power seems cut from a similar cloth. What I hear is bass/synth heavy pop, that’s colorful but not off-putting.

If you’re the sort that thinks outside the bun, this is your event. Doors are at 7pm and it costs 10 bones. Well, dollars, not bones. We’re not animals here. You can read stuff about it here, unless you’re the anti-Facebook luddite that I long to be.