INTERVIEW: Carrie Neumayer Returns to spread the word about the Louisville Outskirts Festival!

Pictured Above: Carrie Neumayer is a 2D Astronaut!

As we said before, Carrie Neumayer is good people. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s true. One of the busiest people I know, Carrie plays with the long running Second Story Man, the furious Julie of the Wolves, and the all rowdy Early Age. An accomplished artist, Carrie also illustrates for a number of things, ranging from Louisville Magazine to the last album cover for Straight A’s. And all of this on top of having normal life responsibilities and stuff. I have to say that just writing out all this stuff makes me anxious and ready to take a nap. Jeez. Most recently, Neumayer and some friends have begun putting together the Louisville Outskirts Festival, which in in their own words is a festival that “seeks to encourage, support, inspire, and highlight the music made by women and female-identified members of Louisville’s independent music scene as well as showcase influential and inspiring musicians selected from other parts of the country and world.” In anticipation of this event, JOTW are playing a benefit show w/Screaming Females and The Debauchees on April 10th at The New Vintage. We wrote words at Carrie to ask her about these things, and you can read those words below.

Never Nervous: So what’s the scoop with the Louisville Outskirts Festival? How did that come about and why?

Carrie Neumayer: Several months ago Stephanie Gary and I were talking about how much we would love to bring together all the amazing women who are involved with music in our community for a festival. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many women involved in our scene at any other time and we thought it was something worth celebrating. Though our focus is on women, we want everyone to feel welcome and a part of things! We partnered with Joel Hunt (Dreamland, The Other Side of Life) to work with us on this project. Joel is extremely dedicated to making our music scene a unique and vital part of our community.  We have a number of different opportunities for getting involved and volunteering, so if you’re interested, please get in touch:

NN: Any ideas on any of the bands that we should expect? I know the focus is Louisville-centric, but is it possible that there will be out non-local acts on the Festival?

CN: Yes, absolutely! We are going to have some incredible headliners! I am not allowed to reveal any details about who we are talking with yet, but we are working on bringing in some very exciting acts from other parts of the country and the world! Look for a big announcement coming in May.

NN: Is it just a music thing, or is there other stuff going on as well? If so, what types of non-musical things will be happening here?

CN: The focus is on music. A big component of what we are doing is creating some educational programming/workshops on one of the days of the festival for girls ages 10-18. In these workshops, girls will work with experienced female musicians to learn different technical skills: guitar, bass, drums, electronics, lyric writing, hip hop production, etc. We plan to do a lot of outreach to students in Louisville as well as in other parts of the state to get girls involved.

We also plan to put together a resource fair of sorts with booth spaces available to local businesses, crafters, social justice oriented non profit organizations, etc.

NN: Since it’s in October, will any of the venues be outdoors? It’s such an excellent time of year.

CN: It will be a very nice time of the year! It can also be a very rainy time of year, so our plans for now are to work with venues with indoor spaces.

NN: Since we have you here, how are things going with SSM, Early Age, and Julie of the Wolves?

CN: I am having the best time playing music right now! All of these bands I am playing with are currently in the process of writing new songs, which is the most exciting aspect of being in a band for me. I am extremely lucky that I have the opportunity to play as much music as I do with such great folks.  JOTW is playing a few shows in the next couple months- One is with Straight A’s and Mote on March 29th at the New Vintage and another on April 10th, also at the New Vintage, with Screaming Females and the Debauchees. That show is a fundraiser for the Outskirts Festival, to help us generate some seed money to make the fest happen! Then we go to Chicago in May to play The Empty Bottle with our friends Absolutely Not and The Cell Phones. It will be out first out of town adventure.  SSM has a couple out of dates in the works, too, and are continuing to write and explore options for recording.

NN: Relative to that, I’ve asked you before, but I’m always amazed by your ability to swing multiple projects at once, and any kind of social life. How do you manage to spin so many plates and maintain such high quality?

CN: Well, thank you for the kind words! I kind of need to have a lot of things going on at once and am most happy when I am very busy. I like having a lot of variety in my life in terms of work and art and music stuff and I absolutely love collaborating with other people on different projects.

NN: Have you been creating any art lately? I loved your cover to the last Straight A’s record, and, for that matter, everything else I’ve seen. Any further projects on the horizon?

CN: My day job involves teaching 3 art education courses at UofL as well as working as an art educator in various K-12 schools and arts organizations around the state. Right now I’m on my way to a school in Fairdale to work on a mural project with 5th graders! So I’m also a regular freelancer at Louisville Magazine and you can see my illustrations there. No album covers at the moment, but those projects are super fun to work on!