INTERVIEW: Priests (Washington D.C.) talks about their show at Modern Cult this Tuesday (1/21)

Photo by Matt Dunn

You haven’t heard?  D.C. indie rock/no-wave band Priests are coming to town this Tuesday, January 21st.  Aren’t familiar with them yet?  They make aggressive post punk with every bit of danceability that  bands like Dick Dale & The Del Tones bring to the table.  And according to Youtube, this band puts on a hell of a fuckin’ show:

They will be playing live in Louisville at Modern Cult Records on Frankfort Avenue, and joining them will be Anwar Sadat and Weird Girl.  The show will start at 8PM and cost ya just five bucks. Considering you were probably wanting to know a bit more about the band, we conducted a short interview with Priests through e-mail a few days ago…

Never Nervous: A friend asked me what Priests sounds like. I told him “kinda like B-52’s meets Dick Dale meets Uzeda‘s Giovanna Cacciola.” How would you describe your band to someone that hasn’t heard you?

Taylor Mulitz: I would say its sounds like your grandma’s special recipe meets smoking in the high school bathroom meets Taylor Swift.

Katie Alice Greer: We like a lot of stuff so I would say the only consistency throughout our sound is just whatever we like. Our song writing process is very “oh that sounds good do that” rather than a specific genre exercise.

NN: Give the folks in Louisville a reason to watch Priests at Modern Cult this Tuesday. What can we expect?

TM: You can expect that at least one person at the show will pee a little bit in their pants. Hint: it will probably be one of us.

KAG: I have no idea what Taylor is talking about.

NN: What constitutes a “good show” as a performer, and/or as an innocent bystander?

TM: A good show is when people are smiling (on stage and off) because they are having fun at the gig and not because they saw a funny meme on their smartphone. Also when people dance, but in a way that isn’t violent or getting in the way of other people having fun.

KAG: I just like to feel like I’m connecting with people during a show. Like whether they seem to hate it or they are super digging it, if it feels like a conversation is happening without me having to say anything I think that’s cool

NN: What’s going on with Katie’s other band Chain & The Gang? A lot of people in Louisville were talking about them after their performance as part of last year’s Cropped Out Festival.

KAG: Chain and The Gang is on tour on the west coast! So I couldn’t really be there, but I think the new record will be out this spring. A lot of that material has been waiting to see the light of day for a long time!

NN: Tell us about a band in D.C. that folks in Louisville probably don’t know about, but should.


KAG: I second the Dudes motion; another suggestion more in the metal vein is Midnight Eye.

DD: Ex Hex! It’s Mary Timony’s new band. I have only seen then live once before but it was really good.

G. L. Jaguar: I am really into Cigarette. It’s like shy dudes channeling Patsy Cline and playing really slow.

NN: What records have you all especially been diggin’ on lately?

TM: The Testökra tape Shaking Nerves. They’re a band from Miami that our friends from Permanent Makeup (St. Petersburg, Fl) showed us and they totally rip.

KAG: I have been listening to a lot of :Metallica.

DD: We’ve also been listening to Del Shannon‘s The Further Adventures of Charles Westover on a lot of drives. I’m really into it.

GLJ: I am really into the new Guerilla Toss.

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