Jaye Jayle announces release date and pre-order for “Pull Me Back To Hell” 7inch

What exactly is Jaye Jayle? The internet definition reads as follows: “Jaye Jayle wasn’t a plan. Jaye Jayle was a desert dream, based solely around the immediate limitations of one man’s surroundings — an old beat-up parlor guitar that can barely hold a tune, a beautifully inspiring woman attending graduate school, and a sincere songwriting obsession.” Oh, well that sums it up.

For those truly unaware, Jaye Jayle is a sort of “solo project” from Evan Patterson of Young Widows, who is backed by a rotating cast of Sapat and Old Baby alum. And if you haven’t heard, a seven-inch single is set to be released January 21st via Sophomore Lounge containing two songs from an upcoming full-length record called It’s Jayle Time. You might remember the featured track “Pull Me Back To Hell” as a music video was created for the tune a little while back:

Pre-order the release here. Seriously do it, because only 300 of these will be printed, and they will go fast!