Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne set to hang out at Guestroom Records this Friday! (12/20)

So yeah, apparently Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips fame will be hanging out at Guestroom Records this Friday as part of an in-store Midwest tour.  The folks at Pitchfork have all the details:

The 1984 debut Flaming Lips EP will come on signed 12″ green vinyl, accompanied by a chocolate skull. According to the press release, this is a “hand-crafted, custom-made… anatomically correct and life-sized” skull made of “quite a substantial amount of high-quality, gourmet chocolate.” Also inside will be a “special Golden Coin”—Coyne has gone full Wonka—which can be redeemed for entrance at any headlining Flaming Lips show.
Coyne will also be selling signed 7″ blue vinyl versions of the band’s second cassette demo, which was recorded in 1983. Both records will remain on sale at the participating stores beginning December 24. A limited edition of 2,000 copies of each release will be available.

Wayne Coyne’s Record Store Tour:
12-19 Nashville, TN – Grimey’s (4 p.m.)
12-20 Louisville, KY – Guestroom Records (Noon)
12-20 Chicago, IL – Permanent Records (8 p.m.)
12-21 St. Louis, MO – Vintage Vinyl (5 p.m.)
12-22 Lawrence, KS – Love Garden Sounds (5 p.m.)