You and Will Oldham Get Rowdy w/Art Tonight!

Pictured Above: Will Oldham and JC riding Friendship ATV’s through a field of drugs.

Tonight the Louisville Visual Arts Association is hosting “Troublesome Houses: Art Inspired by Will Oldham.” This is the third such event by curator and Saguenay, Quebec native Kevin Titzer that explores the intersection of music and art, his first two dealing with The Pixies and They Might Be Giants. This event will be hosted at PUBLIC, and will feature 26 righteous artists making art that is hopefully as psychotic and inspired as the above gif. You learn more by clicking on any of the links that I’ve painstakingly scoured the internet for, because I am an American Hero that diligently endeavors to provide for his people, or you can read the piece in the CJ about one of the artists here. Keep in mind that that CJ bit has a video, so you don’t even have to practice your ciphering, although to be fair, by this point you’ve already read the whole damn piece that I just wrote, so I guess the jokes on you.

We can only hope that there will be some Baby Jessica themed work as well, which at least tangentially would work (I know that music ≠ acting career, but it’s still rock n’ roll to me). I guess if we accept this premise though, we would need R. Kelly and Kanye West artwork as well, although the above pictured JC may count for at least one of them, even if it’s just in Kanye’s mind. And yes, Kanye and I are on a first name basis like that.
The art shows starts tonight, and runs until December 13th, but it’ll probably be super rad tonight, and well worth your time. It starts at six tonight, so you have plenty of time to check out some art, and still make it to the Julie of the Wolves record release show w/Twenty First Century Fox. You can do it!