CROPPED OUT FESTIVAL 2013 Announces Dates & Lineup

Important details surrounding the 4th Annual Cropped Out Festival came to light earlier today. The three day event will take place September 27-28 at American Turners on River Road, with a closing party at the Workhouse Ballroom on Lexington Road on September 29. The festival’s initial line-up has been released:

Asm A Tik, Bill Orcutt / Chris Corsano, Blues Control, Cave, Connections, Cop City Chill Pillars, Endless Boogie, Hair Police, Human Eye, Jaye Jayle, Juanita, Kal Marks, Lambchop, Mayo Thompson & The Corky’s Debt Band, Montag, Neighbor, New England Patriots, Quailbones, Rinehart, Running, Salad Influence, Shit And Shine, Skimask, Spelling Bee, Spray Paint, Steve Gunn, The Endtables, Thee Open Sex, Today’s Hits, Tom Blacklung & The Smokestacks, Tweens, Watery Love, White Reaper, Wolf Eyes

Advance tickets for both days at American Turners will cost you $35 and can be bought here. There is also a super limited amount of tickets to the closing party at Workhouse Ballroom on sale for $20; buy them here. Buy your tickets in person at Astro Black Records. For more information on the festival, check out the facebook event page here.