WATCH: Will Oldham’s performance from the Liberation Living Room!

For the last several months Jacob Duncan of the jazz masters Liberation Prophecy, has been hosting Liberation Living Room, a children’s concert and discussion web series performed exclusively at the Greenhaus on Preston. The deal as I understand it, is that tickets are provided via some kind of lottery, and you can only get in if you have a kid with you. Given that they’ve so far hosted Ben Sollee, Tyrone Cotton, Rachel Grimes, and Norah Jones, I imagine that a lot of folks without kids are going to miraculously volunteer to babysit for their family soon, but, you know, only every once in a while, like if maybe Slayer or Metallica (the logical choice in this progression I think) happen to be playing a child friendly concert in a vintage furniture/fancy beer store; it could happen.

That this particular show is the first in the series suggests that there are more to come. I mean, there is more to come, but it sounds classier if I write it out the way I just did, like I’m speculating or something. This video features an opening by the Squallis Puppeteers, the aforementioned Liberation Prophecy, and of course Will Oldham, aka Bonnie Prince Billy. As advertised, this video is for kids, but it’s cool to watch adult musicians -not typically prone to performing for small children- interact with young folks and have fun.

As an addendum here, we recently reported on another video feature that looks to become a regular or semi-regular thing, and we here at Never Nervous hope that this becomes a permanent fixture in Louisville, of people combining music, art, and film to really think outside the bun; it’s the right thing to do. Here’s to hoping.

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