REVIEW: Humongous – “Miniature Pinschers”

Miniature Pinschers
Adept Recordings

When getting a record in the mail for review consideration, it’s always nice to get a press release about the band and/or album. In this case, I read the description offered before actually listening to the record and was pretty confused about how Adept Recordings could describe Humongous as sounding like both The B-52’s and Captain Beefheart. After the first listen I couldn’t agree more, although I’m not sure if these are the band’s exact intentions.

It’s hard to pick a track or two that stand out as every song truly is completely different than the last. There’s no forecasting here either; every tune has its own unique genre-bending song-structure. My favorite on this record is “If P Had W.” This might be one of the more conventional selections from Miniature Pinschers built around a very poppy and catchy chorus melody complete with surf-rock riffage coming straight out of a Ventures hot track. Another favorite is the close-out special titled “Panty Boy” which takes you from up-beat spastic goofiness to a bad ass closing head-bobber of a break down decorated with a thick, beautiful synth styling.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t heard much about Humongous until recently which is kind of a bummer considering the band has been around for about ten years. I’d imagine the recent buzz around the band has a lot to do with this spastic schizophrenic collection of indie/prog/surf/punk rock tunes. Not so often can you describe a band as sounding like King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator and Dick Dale all in the same breath. And while there has never been a shortage of irregular atypical bands emerging from this town, Humongous manages to establish their own fucked up brand of Louisville originality. Miniature Pinschers is certainly a different kind of trip, but absolutely an entertaining one.