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Friday, February 10, 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD: City of Ghosts Unreleased Record

Louisville has seen quite a few quality indie rock bands come and go, and City of Ghosts is no different. The two mainstays of the band were Syd Bishop and Jon Hill who both were previously in another band called The Seaside Panel. The rest of the lineup changed frequently, but a few notables included Mike Seymour, Jacob Miller and Guy Kelly. Members of City of Ghosts when on to be in bands like Your Black Star, Lee Van Cleef, The Royalty, and Siberia among others.

From 2000 to 2002, the band released two albums that were both put out by RKT Records. One was called Ikiryoh, and the other was a selftitled effort. Before the band decided to call it quits, they recorded eight songs for one last record but it was never released. It's a shame because I believe it is some of the better material the band ever produced. Anyway, check it out:

1. Like Titan, Reigning Gasoline
2. Food in the Genesis Cave
3. The Life of Alan Turing
4. Like Pythagorus
5. A Glass House and All it's Cannons
6. Sell Everything
7. Ache Wire
8. Emperor Norton
BONUS TRACK: Like Titan, Reigning Gasoline

Download the unreleased untitled album HERE. For more information on City of Ghosts, check out Louisville Hardcore.

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