FREE DOWNLOAD: Ousia Demo + Live Tracks

Ousia was a post punk indie rock band that was formed in 1998 by Ryan Stratton (Out., Hedge) and Rob Pennington (Endpoint, By the Grace of God, Black Cross). Joe Burden and Jason Balicki joined the group a short time later. The band’s lone official release is a three song seven inch on Noise Pollution that was put out in 1999. Throughout the band’s short tenure there were some lineup changes as drummer Thommy Browne and guitarist Greg Livingston filled in periodically. The band fell apart when Ryan Stratton moved back to New York in 2000 as the band has been inactive since.

Here for download is an unreleased two-song demo, out-takes from Rob Pennington on that demo, and a few live tracks. The songs provided here showcase Ousia, a band I believe was one of the finest post-punk bands to ever come out of Louisville, though they were around only for a short time. After listening to these songs, do yourself a favor and buy their seven inch record from Noise Pollution. Thanks to Thommy Browne for his provision of the demo.

OUSIA – Demo + Live Tracks

1. Nickel Lip Service
2. Rations
3. Rob Out-takes
4. Not a Thread (Live)
5. Made in China (Live)
6. Untitled (Live)

Download the demo HERE.

For more information on Ousia visit Louisville Hardcore.