REVIEW: State Champion – “Deep Shit”

State Champion
Deep Shit
Sophomore Lounge

I can’t count how many times over the years that I’ve seen a band pull off an energetic, memorable performance, bought their record after the show only to be disappointed with a dull, bland, flat recording. Thankfully with State Champion’s Deep Shit, I am awarded with something quite the opposite. Part of the reason I enjoy this band so much lies in their captivating and energetic stage presence, which this collection of seven songs absolutely captures.

The tunes have a warm lo-fi garage rock sound with a bit of a southern twang without coming across as yet another phony hipster indie-americana ensemble. Ryan Davis’ passionate wild vocals also feel genuinely authentic as his voice is the driving force throughout most of the record. The band’s sound almost reminds me of New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus with a hint of classic country music. Standouts include “No Babies”, a slow building epic head bobber, and “The Basement”, a catchy uptempo number. Definately worth checking out.