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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WATCH: Cher Von - "Anywhere (Kilik 2)"

For her birthday this year, Cher Von is giving all of us the present of her new music video! The name of the track is "Anywhere" and it will be featured on her upcoming release titled KUHH-DUHH which will be released on cassette August 30th via AuralgamiSounds

Cher Von describes the video as being "you and me sitting in a room together, which a sheer sheet between us, listening to the song, being mesmerized by the ripples in the sheet. It's a lot less of a visual representation of the song, and much more of the setting that fits hearing the song."

The song itself is a laid back, atmospheric track that boldly showcases Cher Von's eclectic, soulful voice.  Watch the video below:

WORTH MENTIONING: This video was shot by husband and wife team Bobby Barbour and Sarah Davis in their home.

Monday, July 27, 2015

LISTEN: SateLight - "WelFare State of Mind"

Rapper/producer SateLight is back with a new single called "WelFare State of Mind" and I'm here to tell you it's certainly worth your time. This song serves as the first single from SateLight's upcoming EP ManiFesto which will be released digitally Monday, August 3rd. Maybe you're asking yourself "what the hell is this track about, anyway?"

SateLight responds: The single highlights how we must open up our minds and find our own truths in the world. Nothing is ever as it seems and every meaning mite mean something different from certain points of views.

Listen to "WelFare State of Mind" below:

MOVIE MONDAY: Chuck MF Deuce on Superhero Flicks, Atheism, and Garbage Movies!

Pictured above: Chuck MF Deuce makes his "they're rebooting Spider-man again" face.
A boss on the mic, Chuck MF Deuce plies his trade primarily with Skyscraper Stereo, set to drop the amazing "Scrape or Die!" (exclamation point mandatory) on August 7th at the New Vintage with former label mates Uh Huh Baby Yeah and the always on point Allen Poe feat. Jalin Roze & Phorensicz. The sweet thing about this show is that one way or another, you're walking away with their new album, as label Little Heart Records is determined to make it so: you get free entry with pre-purchase of the album, or you get the album for free with a paid entry. Chuck is an outspoken emcee on virtually every topic and has no problems putting his opinion out there on pretty much any subject. We sat down and fired some questions off to him about the top cuts of the year, what makes for a good superhero movie, and the worst movie ever!

Never Nervous: What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year so far? Anything you’re looking forward to still?

Chuck MF Deuce: The films that left the biggest impression on me in the last 12 months were Birdman and Whiplash. Both because they didn't deal with the conventional formula of an antagonist and protagonist. Both dealt with inner battles. The differences between what you want to do, what you can do, and reaching beyond your limitations. I loved how Whiplash didn't water down the struggle of a musician's inner war. No love story, no big championship at the end. His instructor could be seen as the "bad guy," but the battle was internal. It always is. You vs. you is the only fight that matters. I also love movies that are condensed to a single moment in space and time; a room, a single day, a single night, etc.; Birdman never left the theater he was producing his play in, I dig that.

NN: Do you like any superhero movie? Whether you do or not, what would it take to make the best sort of superhero flick to your mind?

CMFD: Superhero movies, The Dark Knight in my opinion was the first and maybe last of its kind. A superhero movie that trusts the audience to pay attention..and rewarded our focus. It took risks and was dark, but dark because the themes, the ideas were dark. Not just because they used darker tones in the costumes. The whole Nolan trilogy is where it's at, but The Dark Knight is top 5 forever; I'll be 80 years old and still in awe of that film. On the opposite side of the spectrum you have Spider-Man and the studios that need to reintroduce him to us every 4 years like we don't already know he gets bit by a spider and his uncle gets killed. I could go my whole life without another origin movie; wake me up in 10 years after Marvel has introduced all its characters and they are ready to actually tackle something.

NN: As an outspoken atheist, have you seen any good movies that reflect those values? Are there any great movies with atheist protagonists? If not, what would you like to see in one?

CMFD: You know what "superhero" movie didn't get its props? "Hancock" I loved that idea. Execution? On a scale of Spider-Man 3 to Dark Knight it was Iron Man 2. But boy did it try..no introduction..no watching his parents die...just bam..he has super powers and he is over it..been saving people for years.. he's done.. and.. action! Great idea. If I was asked to direct Superman movie.. that's the direction I would go. Fast forward 100 years. Lex is dead.. Lois is dead..everyone he saved in the the 60s 70s 80s 90s all dead. There is a meteor headed toward earth and the human race has to prove itself worthy to Superman in 48 hours or he will finally let us meet our makers. After saving our asses for 100 years Superman sees no reason why we are worth the trouble. That would be a great movie.

I'm always a fan of movies with an amoral undertone. Nothing turns me off more than the main character finding Jesus at the end. Anything but that. Not cause I have this huge chip on my shoulder against Jesus (ok.. I'll be honest I do but); to me it's the struggling husband might as well find The Tin Man at the end. I'd love to see the bad guy win. To answer both questions..you know who REALLY needs his own movie? The Joker. He has put in his work. He has paid his dues..if any bad guy is ready to carry his own movie it's him. But they would have to go all the way. No happy ending. At least not one you would celebrate. Show the other side of "evil" that the bad guy and the good guy are really the same dude. Different sides of the same coin. That a Priest and a Pimp, a cop and a gang member actually have the same job. And what better pair to illustrate how hypocritical our day to day morality is than Joker and Batman. We just put The Bat in the background and let the Clown have his day. "Clown Day Afternoon" if you will.

NN: What makes for a great soundtrack to a movie? If you were scoring a movie, how would you do it?

CMFD: Soundtrack? You just opened a can of worms. Only a few movies have been bold enough to try this Birdman being one..an entire movie scored with a single instrument..Birdman was all percussion..jazz drums..no horns no guitars no string swells..all drums..brilliant. I think...I think..it was the original , British version of Get Carter..that was scored with a single clarinet..one of those old British 70s revenge flicks I rented from Wild and Wooley (RIP). Anyway as I hold back the tears for the fallen, I'll take this opportunity to also express my disdain for Hans Zimmer and his wall of sound, fuck-the-dialogue approach to scoring. We know you have every musician in the world in that room, homie... calm it down. My taste in composition is riff based; if you can't express whatever you are trying to express in 7 notes or less rewrite it. That goes for any form of music, but especially scoring.

NN: What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen and why?

CMFD: Worst movie ever? Fuck... um Dreamcatchers sticks out, Rockstar, is up there... besides ending a movie with a Tyler Perry moment there are a few things you can do in a movie that will summon my wrath like loosing direction halfway through. If I can tell the creative team behind it just started throwing sticky notes on the wall to tie the plot up, you lost me. Sometimes you can just tell a movie was made up out of three old scripts that have been sitting in a drawer since 83; please don't let me see the staple holes in the paper. That's all I ask. If I can just picture a room of suits with their laptops clicking while I'm watching the movie, I'll meet you back at the car.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

PODCAST: Seluah on their Band Name, "Phase III," and SMASH MOUTH!

Louisville has been feasting on a number of bodacious records this year, one of them coming from indie rock fearless foursome Seluah. Phase III is the name of the album, and we fucking love it. Naturally, we wanted to get hip to why and how this noise happened, so we interviewed members Andrew Killmeier and Andrew Peace, a pair of most excellent dudes on The Never Nervous Podcast. Listen as we indulge in adult conversation relating to the new Seluah record, what the band name means, and more! MORE!

Listen to Phase III below, because it's awesome:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

INTERVIEW: Jim Marlowe Talks About the New Tropical Trash Record, Astro Black, and His Favorite Albums of 2015 (so far)!

Photo Credit: Joe's Crab Shack
Indie rock weirdos Tropical Trash are responsible for one of the finest records of 2015. UFO Rot is the name of the new album, and while the songs are mostly short and simple in stature, they radiate a kind of mysterious energy that is hard to put into words. If you haven't already, listen to the title track below.

To get a better handle on the noise coming from Tropical Trash, I reached out to singer/guitarist Jim Marlowe. Despite being one of the busiest dudes in town (he also runs Astro Black Records) he was kind enough to set aside some time to answer a few questions about the new album, his record shop and some of his favorite records of 2015.

Never Nervous: Tropical Trash is a tough band to describe to folks that haven’t heard you. How would you describe TT to my meemaw?

Jim Marlowe: "Rock band" is the meemaw short answer. I think Ben McOsker's (Load Records owner) "Power Choogle" description is fairly accurate.

NN: Was there a different approach to the music on UFO Rot that you didn’t take on earlier music?

JM: I think the approach was basically the same it's always been - keep the tunes concise, make sure it rips, no sappy bullshit, etc. It helped that we'd played the fuck outta those songs for over a year before making the time to record them. All of the tunes changed to some degree from touring (like they always do) but especially the B-side of the record. Things got a little more spacious. It's basically structured like a bigger version of the way we've done all the 7"s, some short fast ones on one side and a long form piece on the other. We made it in a frozen ass warehouse which must have done something for the vibe. Many beers were consumed.

NN: Where there new inspirations behind the noise that weren’t there before?

JM: I learn a couple new tricks every now and then. If you're lucky you figure out how to use them in a way that isn't painfully obvious. Usually I don't get lucky so it takes me a long time. I'm not planning on unearthing any Lost Chords or something so it's more about turning the thing over and looking at it from some different angle. Structural stuff. Finding out what you can get away with leaving out. I'm always trying to see if I can play the guitar less.

NN: Talk about the current TT lineup. How’d you end up hooking up with Ryan Davis and Jeff Komara?

JM: We were all throwing up in the bathroom of Joe's Crab Shack and it just went from there.

NN: After a few changes to the roster over the years, is the current lineup gonna stick together?

JM: Once we all make enough money to buy some suspenders and little hats we'll move up to strumming gourds at a disadvantage for Pokey LaFarge. That is the plan.

NN: Do you have any interesting stories from the latest Tropical Trash tour that you’d be willing to share?

JM: Interesting - no. We had a box of goddamn CDs that would fall out of the van every single fucking time we opened the back door. No one stole our shit. We hit a car 40 seconds after getting our records in Chicago. Detroit had a great cat ("Jackie") where I slept. Finally had fun in New York. Came the closest to getting in a fight the fastest at a bar in Athens, OH actually seconds after we walked in the door - reason of "long hairs."  Smashed myself in the face with my guitar in Boston - my Iggy moment. Playing on the steps of city hall in Peterborough, NH opening for Michael Hurley and giving him the sage wisdom that "anywhere can be a bathroom."  Heard the great Donald Antrim read. Stayed with the best people every night (thank you!). Worst bartender: Gooski's in PGH.

NN: Since relocating, how has Astro Black been going? How different is the shop now than when you initially opened it a few years ago?

JM: New zone is great, Germantown rules. I have aged approximately 2300 years since it's inception.

NN: What would you consider to be the weirdest or rarest record to come through Astro Black?

JM: I bought a massive collection of mostly local/regional country and western 45s that has some deep cut tone deaf child lobotomy country in it. Am planning on making a mix at some point in the future.

NN: Tell us about your favorite record of 2015 so far. What’s so good about it?
JM: Most jammed record this year is a tie: Shit and Shine's 54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral - totally twisted "dance" music from Craig Clouse of the amazing rock crushers TODD. The other is this young dude Hayden Pedigo from Amarillo, Texas. His LP Five Steps has a great Fahey/"American Primitive" type thing happening on one side but then you flip it over and it's this really well done up side long soundscape thing with Fred Frith and a bunch of other venerable out there musicians. He's quite young and I'm sure he'll be doing a bunch more. Runner up for sheer WTF factor is the new Home BlitzForemost and Fair on Richie Records which is like snotty renaissance emo or something. Fucking bizarre. So there. I picked three because I can.

NN: Are there any current happenings in Louisville that make you smile from ear to ear? Whether it be related to music, food, booze, outdoors, or whatever, what local shit gets you fucking stoked?

JM: It's heartening to see lots of young smart people putting in the effort - the Econo Head/White Reaper/Vern nexus is the first thing that springs to mind. I think the ladies of Sorry Mom are working hard to make the city a place they wanna be by doing things like bringing the Southern Girls Convention here. They have a great attitude and that's what it's all about. Need less bozos complaining (always) and more people DOING which I see more and more of. Having a new generation of intelligent hard working people is crucial. It keeps all the grayhairs on their toes. Proud to live in Louisville.

NN: Are you excited about the new Ash vs. The Evil Dead series, or are you some kind of asshole?

JM: Yes, it actually doesn't look like total shit. I like to keep my commitments to a minimum but I plan on viewing it.

NN: Before you go, tell us about the best show you’ve been to this year. Who was playing, at venue, and what got you so excited?

JM: Chris Martin playing solo acoustic as Pet Eunuch in the back of store earlier this year. His first show! Hard to pull off the guy with acoustic guitar angle, but he does it. He's a charming performer, the songs are interesting and reasonably sophisticated without being overly fussy, often short, and he can really work a crowd. He got his ass stuck in a kids chair he handled it with grace. Had the best vibe of any show I've been to this year at least.

LISTEN: Ed Monk - "Ed Monk"

I've never heard or heard of Ed Monk until recently. I usually pride myself on this, but it doesn't always work out so well. I get that as a music writer, I'm supposed to put on this air that I know all the things about the scene that I write about, but I just don't and won't represent myself that way. The thing about this though, and the reason I mention any of this, is that Ed Monk are an incredibly well-polished machine that sound ready to take the radio by storm.

Yep: this is very radio friendly music, at least to my ears, like the very best of Interpol or something like that. So maybe not friendly to everyone's radio, but definitely the sort of thing that I'd be shocked if it didn't get picked up by college stations or by festivals in town. In fact, this sounds very much like the kind of unknown that I would have heard this last weekend at Forecastle, it's that good. Not that playing any festival or getting on the radio is necessarily the best measure of any band, although in this case it is certainly a testament to their craft as musicians. The guitars chime, the bass leads, the drums hammers out that sort of beat that demands that you nod your head in time to the beat, and the vocals caress; Ed Monk know what their doing and do so with style and finesse.

Listen up and know that you heard it here first. Or second maybe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Despite enduring a losing battle with the sun over the last two days, I woke up ready to close this weekend out with a bang.  I rolled out of bed, headed over to Safai Coffee Shop for some coffee and crepes, then went home and made a spicy bloody mary.  For me, this was the proper way to prepare for the third and final day of Forecastle.  Day two was awesome, but would Sunday manage to pack the same punch?

WARNING: The shitty pictures you are about to encounter were all taken by me from my vantage point.  If you want quality photography, go here. Also, if I didn't mention your favorite band, sorry, I only have one functioning body to experience these kinds of things with.  You understand, right?
Twin Limb
Twin Limb, as always performed a seemingly flawless set.  Lacey Guthrie's beautiful, breathy voice is always on point, as is the atmospheric guitar noise emitted from Kevin Ratterman.They closed out their performance with their song "Long Shadow" which I consider to be one of this year's #1 hot tracks. I can't wait for these folks to release a proper album!

White Reaper
White Reaper has quickly become one of Louisville's must-see attractions over the last year or so, but I was curious to see how people would react to their brand of garage punk in a "big time" outdoor festival environment.  These dudes brought the pain as they blasted through a few songs from their selftitled EP as well as a bunch of new music from the record they just released titled White Reaper Does It Again.  Throughout their set, It seemed as if most of the crowd was going bonkers.  I don't recall ever seeing a mosh pit happen at Forecastle in the past, but I figure if one were to happen, I suppose White Reaper should be responsible.
Watch a video a friend of ours took of White Reaper playing their song "Funn" below:


Diarrhea Planet
I haven't seen too many bands that include four guitar players in their lineup, but with a name like Diarrhea Planet, I suppose anything is possible.  Their infectious brand of catchy garage punk is fucking awesome, and for me is best served in a live setting.  No, I wasn't overly familiar with DP before seeing them, but this will change quickly.
Modest Mouse
Modest Mouse was the last band I watched Sunday, and for me they served as the perfect finale.  Despite being a fan of the band for quite a while, I'd never gotten the chance to watch them play, so naturally I was pretty stoked.  They played a mix of new songs like "Coyotes" and "Lampshades On Fire" and an array of classics such as "Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes" and "Dramamine."  I wanted to hear more from The Moon And Antarctica, but I can't complain considering that record is 15 years old now (holy shit!).  All in all, despite the heat I enjoyed the hell out of Modest Mouse.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: Another Forecastle has come and gone, and while on paper this lineup might not share the same flare as last year, I'm walking away mostly satisfied.  The bands/artists/whatever I watched were almost entirely fucking awesome, and the festival itself seemed to run as smooth as ever.  Any complaints I have seem petty considering the situation (the weather, $8 beers, beef neck twits) so I won't indulge.  I undeniably had a great time, and for that I'm grateful.  See ya next year!
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