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Friday, February 12, 2016

LISTEN: Murals - "I Live Here"

Psychedelic indie-folk outfit Murals have bestowed upon us a most excellent new single called "I Live Here." The track will be featured on their upcoming record Violet City Lantern which will be officially released February 19 via Fire Talk Records.

The new song in question has a strong Velvet Underground taste to it, which happens to be one of my favorite flavors.  Listen for yourself below:

Following the release of the new effort, Murals will be on tour with Idiot Glee. For more information on this, visit the band's Facebook page. In the meantime, preorder the LP here.

LISTEN: FreDD C. - "Summer Seagrams" featuring Eons D

Hey folks. It's your  motherfucking boy Allen Poe here. My daughter woke me at 2:30 a.m. out of the best sleep I've had in a week to say she didn't feel good. I gave her some meds and sent her lil ass back to sleep. Guess who tried to go to back to sleep but began thinking of rap lyrics instead. Correct. So here I am at 3:41 a.m. listening to "Summer Seagrams." Yea it's Fredd C's track from his newly released debut Nov' 92 and nah, Fredd isn't from Louisville (he's from Lexington), however this particular track has one of the Ville's finest (Eons D) on it, so it's kosher right? Of course it is fucko.

Enough with the snark. This track is fucking amazing and I can tell you with certainty that if I had to make an all Kentucky mixtape at the end of the year, this would be a song already firmly cemented on it, and it's currently February. It helps that a Knxwledge beat is the canvas for this one, but regardless of the beat the emcees make this song. FreDD's verse here is youthful and forward looking with mentions of hustling, talking to his mom about preaching but opting for rapping instead and being hungry in a rugged environment. Eons D is a little more measured and reflective as far as perspective goes, touching on his team rising and lessons learned from religious experiences (or lack thereof?) that translate into the music hustle. This is an outstanding project overall and in my humblest opinion, this is the stand out track on it.

Take a listen below:

FREE DOWNLOAD: Anagnorisis unleashes 4 albums on a "Name Your Price" pay scale!

Photo by Raven Miller Band Photography

Fans of death metal rejoice! For reasons unknown, Anagnorisis have decided to make their last four albums available on a "Name Your Price" pay scale on their Bandcamp page. This includes Beyond All Light, Ghosts Of Our Fathers, Alpha and Omega, and Overton Trees.

For nearly a decade, Anagnorisis have been one of Louisville's finest death/black metal collectives, but unfortunately for yours truly I personally own very little of their catalogue.  Due to this turn of events, I will surely remedy that. Over the weekend and coming months I'll thankfully be making up for lost time with this brilliant collection of noise.  Thanks, guys!!

WORTH MENTIONING: I prefaced the title of this post with the words "FREE DOWNLOAD" but the option to pay money is available. While I admittedly grabbed these without paying anything, I'm not in any way discouraging you to give as much as you feel necessary, considering that this shit is truly fucking awesome.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

LISTEN: J Wilkerson - "The Call"

J Wilkerson conceptualizes a phone conversation between himself and hip hop in which hip hop encourages him to take the lead in his pursuit to be the next big thing in rap. It's done in a supremely clever way. At the outset the track calls on the persona of some of hip hop's all time greats (Nas, Biggie, 2Pac) speaking on various sacrifices they had to made to get where they wanted to go. The remainder is a back and forth where the aspiring rapper has question after question for hip hop about his direction as an artist.

Hip hop reveals J Wilkerson is meant to be the next in the line of all time greats then the the call ends abruptly, leaving J Wilkerson to his work. Wilkerson's flow reminds me a lot of J Cole, however the wit it takes to successfully pull of this type of storytelling can only be attributed to him. Check 'The Call' below.

WATCH: Stereo Empire - "Oceans (Crosley Audio Files)"

Stereo Empire recently did an acoustic session for Crosley Radio that included songs from their upcoming record. One of which they've released in a beautifully edited video. The song is titled "Oceans" and it features Morgan's impressive and sultry falsetto. It's a great video shot of a catchy and well written song. You can watch the video below and be on the look out for their next EP which is yet to have a release date.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

WATCH: Dom B x RMLLW2LLZ - "Break A Sweat" (Prod. by Q-Mystik)

To say I'm excited about the upcoming "SplashBros EP" from Dom B and RMLLW2LLZ would be an understatement. I didn't even know about it until I woke up to the video for "Break A Sweat" on Monday. Thanks for starting my Monday off right guys! The video features the dudes and their crew balling at a local gym. With the song that's accompanying it, the video could be of Dom B making a sandwich for all I care. This song is dope and it's got me hype for more!

Watch the video below and see for yourself.


At last, PlayCold has finally released his highly-anticipated mixtape CULAHS.  I've been anticipating this for a while now, and I'm happy to say that it doesn't disappoint.  His latest effort features 13 new tracks and a handful of guest spots from several Never Nervous-approved emcees.  Head over to his Soundcloud page for more information on the album.

My personal favorite song is "Accolades" where PlayCold spits like a young, charismatic Jay-Z.  This particular track also features quality verses from Bonez and DesignerFlow, and I gotta mention how much I love the beat.  It's a fucking classy combination of smooth jazz piano samples over a laid back, slow-driven rhythm section.  I feel like I need to take a shower before listening to a beat like this.

Listen to CULAHS below:

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