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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR #26: John King LOVES Idle Hands (1999)

To get you mega-hyped on Halloween (just a few days away!) the folks behind Louisville Is For Lovers have decided to re-release Babylon Louisville II, a Misfits tribute featuring a fantastic collection of covers from hometown bands that was originally released back in October of 2007. Bands featured include My Morning Jacket covering "Hollywood Babylon," David Pajo covering "Angelfuck," and a chilling Wax Fang rendition of... you guessed it: "Halloween".

The comp is set to be released as a digital download this Monday, October 31 (hell yeah!), and can be preordered right now for just $1.38 (go here). Treat yourself, man! That's like, totally affordable! This Friday (10/28) the comp will be streaming at the Louisville Free Public Library website via their Louisville Mix service. As for now, you can listen to it early in its entirety at LEO Weekly.

We all know John King as being one of the main orchestrators behind the long-running Louisville Is For Lovers series (and a truckload of other cool shit). We felt it would be only natural to reach out to our friend to ask if he'd be willing to talk about one of his favorite scary movies as part of our ongoing daily LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR series. Thankfully, he was kind enough to respond with a retrospective on a somewhat forgotten horror comedy from the late 90's that he has a definite affection for...


Since Halloween is sharply heading our way there have been a lot of scary movies featured on sites like Netflix, and I have been keeping an eye out for some in particular. Some of my favorites seem to be impossible to find out there. I don't know if this speaks to my personality, but I have been obsessively looking for some in particular. One I have never seen but search for constantly is Lifeforce (1985). Something about gorgeous naked space vampires that turn Londoners into zombies leads me to believe it should be on regular rotation on TCM.

And maybe because I am in the middle of the submission process for the next Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's comp (go here to submit your song!), I've been wanting to rewatch My Bloody Valentine (1981) the Canadian mine horror classic. Apparently the first version was so violent that Paramount cut out 10 minutes of the grossest parts, and never issued an 'uncut' version unfortunately (a reissue has some of the cut scenes added back in though). But the version that made it into theaters is worth watching. Even the 3D remake from 2009 is worth seeing.

But every Halloween I look for Idle Hands (1999) and can never find it. It was ahead of the curve on the gross-out comedy wave that followed shortly with films like Shaun Of The Dead (2004) and Return Of The Living Dead 5: Rave To The Grave (2005) when some rave kids make Ecstasy out of zombie juice and things get crazy.

Idle Hands didn't get a lot of attention but it did open doors for main actor, Devon Sawa, who saw fame a year later with Final Destination. It is a classic cautionary tale about how a lazy life of smoking weed and masturbating can have some serious consequences.

The full on gore is counterweighted by slapstick comedy.. Elden Henson carries his decapitated head around half the movie before he duct tapes it to his neck.. and then tries to eat a bean burrito unsuccessfully, while Seth Green's character has a beer bottle shoved into his brain but still tries to drink what's left inside.

Sawa's character is in love with a motorcycle riding Jessica Alba (no one can fault him for that) but he has to chop off his possessed hand right before the big dance. Needles to say hijinks does ensue. The hand takes off on a journey of its own to kill every half naked teen in town and four scrappy friends have to band together to save the town, and recently becoming undead won't stop them.

LISTEN: Hanoi Jane - The Socialist Shuffle

Every now and again you need a dose of sneering punk fury, and Hanoi Jane has you covered. Honestly, my knowledge of the band is pretty limited, so taking the Harold Bloom approach to criticism (text only, thank you), I can say that they are definitely absolutely fine with getting political, and don't give a fuck what you think about it. And why should they? This is exactly the kind of thing that got me riled up when I was younger, which is not a back-handed way of saying I grew out of it; I still want to burn it all down sometimes, it's just a little different wearing my dad pants now and thinking about the world. That said, I wouldn't say this is a youthful thing necessarily, because flying your freak flag and putting it out there is universal, but there is definitely an enviable amount of energy here, and one that I wish I could find in my current sleep deprived state.

The music is fun! There is a classic punk vibe here, kind of like The Clash or The Dead Boys, and with a little post-punk thrown in for good measure, like The Fall or Gang of Four. It's a nice balance between biting garage rock and pop, and better off for it. You can listen to the below and see what all the fuss is about. Get into it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR #25: El Chubbs of Vaderbomb LOVES C.H.U.D. (1984)

In my estimation, hardcore punkers Vaderbomb have become one of Louisville's most ferociously badass rock and roll bands. Over the last five years or so, these dudes have solidified themselves as a must-see attraction as a live band with their brand of professional wrestling themed songs and mysterious lucha libre masks. Their fantastic 2012 D.D.P.E.P. album has stayed in my personal rotation over the years, but I must say that a new record seems a bit overdue.

And that's why I'm happy to announce that the band has just finished recording a new record! While I don't know when it will officially be released or what they're going to call it, I can tell you with certainty that it's fucking real, and we'll have more details on it's impending discharge.

We last heard from Vaderbomb frontman/singer El Chubbs when he participated in our now-defunct MOVIE MONDAYS series, where we asked folks around town involved in Louisville's music community to chat about a few of their favorite films. Naturally, we had to reach back out him to see if he'd be willing to talk about one of his ace horror flicks as part of our ongoing daily LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR series; thankfully, he was nice enough to contribute with a review/retrospective of a bizarre 80's movie that introduced us to cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers...


“What do you want a gun for, Victor?”
“To shoot them.”
“… To shoot who?”
“Dem ugly fuckers.”
“What ugly fuckers?”
“Any ugly fucker that comes around here.”

I picked the Trash-Can Nachos of B horror movies: C.H.U.D. With the combination of amazing radioactive creatures, sub par action, and a few familiar faces, C.H.U.D. definitely disgusts and delights me.

Daniel Stern is probably one of my favorite actors. He’s always been kind of different looking. He plays goofy characters and I have an affinity for people that can still pull off a career where they are maybe viewed as an outsider. He reminds me a lot of Mick Foley, but for acting. He gets cast to the side fairly often but I always remember him before anyone else.

This time he plays a chef/reverend/true dirt freak in charge of a soup kitchen with a tight tie to the homeless and slightly depraved. When his constituents start going missing he goes on a mission with the help of a beat cop and a photographer only to uncover a toxic government fuck up resulting in Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.

When I was younger I could get away with watching Toxic Avenger movies but not many horror movies so I’m always down for something that is super campy and over the top. The dialogue isn’t great and the story is a little convoluted, but this movie is a fun break from more serious horror films. C.H.U.D. isn’t particularly scary, it’s just weird and gross. People get eaten and there’s some gore, but it’s fairly tame.

SPOILER ALERT: There’s a dead dog in it. I hate that shit. Why do you always have to kill the dog? C’mon.

LISTEN: Anagnorisis - "5306 Morningside"

I rarely dig deep into metal, not because I begrudge the genre, but as it rarely reflects my mood. I get frustrated, but tend not to identify with the rage found therein. Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't want to flip out and do jump kicks every now and again, in which case I usually throw on a little Meshuggah and soak in it. Frankly, I usually think of them as the last metal band, not necessarily in terms of style (I've got no beef with classic styles of metal, mind you), but in that they represent to my mind the absolute heaviest and meanest thing going, which is typically what I'm going for.

Enter Anagnorisis. Identified as black metal, I've never given them much of a shot. I'm not turned off by the subject matter or imagery by any means, but blast beats just sound ridiculous to me, and that's the number one thing I associate with the genre. At least in this case, I'm wrong, and happily so. This band brings the pain in a serious, table flipping way, for a sound that builds on Guilt or Neurosis into something beyond. This is intensely brutal, and packs a sweet groove. On top of that, the intro even has a bit of a Deftones vibe going on (specifically this song), and while I'm not their number one fan or anything, I'm definitely happy to hear.

Check it out below and try not to have a mosh pit when you listen. Or do if you're listening at work, in the car, or in the gym, because that's just ridiculous (but, you know, be safe).

WATCH: 5 Horror Themed Music Videos From Louisville!

Halloween is less than a week away, and we here at Never Nervous couldn't me more excited! To get us collectively hyped on planet Earth's best holiday, I decided to compile a few music videos from bands in Louisville that have a spooky horror vibe to them. I was initially inspired to put this together after watching the new horror-centric Anwar Sadat video. Anyway, I hope you enjoy getting spooked out while watching these as much as I do!

/ / / / / /

NEW BRAVADO - "I Don't Mind"

You get to watch a member of the band get possessed and overtaken by some sort of evil film reel, while the rest of the group is left to fend for themselves against the monster. I particularly enjoy the conventional stop motion effects presented here, the sort of trickery that you don't see too often in modern horror.

/ / / / / /

COLISEUM - "Comedown"

This video is a horror-themed narrative that seems to combine stylistic approaches from Robert Rodriquez and Rob Zombie. There are plenty of shocking images and a tasteful amount of blood for you gore hounds, while the short story itself is absolutely compelling. A man, who appears to be held captive, is sent to rescue a woman who also is being held captive.. I think. Plenty of violence and horrific scenery are sprinkled in with a badass conclusion, leaving myself, a self-proclaimed horror buff, completely satisfied.

/ / / / / /

VRKTM - "Slay"

There's no discernible narrative with this video, but I fuckin' love watching VKRTM eerily dance around Cave Hill cemetery. It's been a while since I've had a stroll through that area, and this is a reminder of how relaxing that place can be, but subtly creepy at the same time. How the hell did they get cameras in there anyway? Cave Hill is loaded with security cameras.

/ / / / / /

JAYE JAYLE - "The Beast Keeps Cool"

A lot like other early Jaye Jayle videos, this one includes bizarre clips from a pair of lesser known early movies, only this time scenes were borrowed from Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising and The Invocation of My Demon Brother. I've never heard of either of those films, and if only Wild & Woolley video was still around I'd walk my ass over there and rent them. Anyway, this video has a lot of fucked up, visceral imagery that is genuinely unnerving. I love it.

/ / / / / /

SHADOWPACT - "Bats In The Belfry"

This video (shot by Allen Poe) is a fun, lo-fi horror romp that sees our protagonists apparently making an actual shadow pact with a bunch of robbed figures looming in the background who ultimately murders everyone and throws them in the Ohio river. That's heavy shit, and a serious commitment to your craft that you would get into the Ohio on purpose for art; respect them.

Monday, October 24, 2016

LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR #24: Sheri Streeter LOVES Carnival of Souls (1962)

I love the way singer/songwriter Sheri Streeter briefly described to me the music she makes: "I write pretty songs for sad bastards and weirdos." Over the course of 2016, she's stayed busy releasing both an EP and an LP, each having a unique backstory behind them. She spent the Summer on the east coast recording in a South Jersey studio housed in a storage bin and released her eponymous full-length album on Bandcamp.

The EP, titled Birds of a Feather was originally recorded and produced by the late Kevin Brown (Diana Krall, Bela Fleck, The Verve Pipe) in Kalamazoo in 2005 before a tragic accident resulting in his death. The 3-song album was kept under wraps until a few months ago when it was finally set loose before she embarked on a Spring tour. She's also released a few singles on various compilations, my favorite being "Crotch Crucifix", a beautifully angry track that can be found on the We Have A Bevin Problem comp. Her voice on this track particularly really riles me up, almost to the point of flipping tables, which is a bit unusual considering it's mostly just Sheri and an acoustic guitar.

Considering that Sheri is a fan of scary movies, we reached out to her to see if she'd be interested in talking about one of her own personal favorite horror films as part of our ongoing daily LOUISVILLE LOVES HORROR series. She was kind enough to respond with a review/retrospective of an older, lesser known independent fright flick from the 60's that I haven't yet seen, but after reading her connection to it I'm more than curious...


As a young girl, horror was my favorite genre. My parents allowed us to watch scary movies as long as we could assure them that we knew it was "just make-believe" and that consuming such media wasn't affecting us negatively. It wasn't until I was little older and became less sheltered from a not-so-safe world that horror flicks started giving me nightmares. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the first movie that truly terrified me simply because it was plausible.

While I never outgrew my fondness of horror, my tastes shifted from blood and gore to B-movies and art house cinema. I fell in love with Carnival of Souls, a 1962 indie, low budget film reminiscent of Ingmar Bergman. I ran across it only recently, immediately upon returning from six months and 22,000 miles of traveling. Living on the road is beautiful and surreal---an altered state of consciousness. You don't know where you are and you can't remember where you've been, and your sense of time becomes skewed. Moreso, it's lonely even when you're never alone. I immediately related to Carnival's main character Mary Henry.

Mary stumbles out of the river after a car accident and abruptly leaves town for work as an uninspired church organist. The trauma leaves her with a numb restlessness and an inability to connect with others around her. She begins seeing an apparition and becomes increasingly obsessed with a nearby abandoned carnival, both of which only further her isolation. A chilling underscore, the black-and-white cinematography, and nightmarish scenes drive a growing tension and dread.

And let's admit it: churches and carnivals are fucking creepy.

LISTEN: Bonez - "Liner Notes"

Bonez is back with a new single called "Liner Notes" serving as the first single from his upcoming record HoodySZN (produced by KAHUNA). Thematically this song is all over the place as Bonez discusses ambition, haters, and even girls, but that's not to say that it lacks a definite purpose. His flow is on point and the beat is fantastic making this a solid introduction to his new project.

HoodySZN will be released at some point next month; check out "Liner Notes" below:

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