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Saturday, July 23, 2016

INTERVIEW: Kyle David of Sons of Silverton on Louisville's Hip Hop Scene and Cincinnati Chilli!

Tonight at Headliners RMLLW2LLZ is having his record release show also featuring Otis Junior and Sons of Silverton out of Cincinnati. I happen to know the guys in Sons of Silverton really well, and I hear secrets don't make friends so I reached out to Kyle David of the SOS to give you the scoop on what they are all about. I know Louisville is a city that loves old school hip hop with fun vibes and that is what these dudes personify.

Check out our conversation and listen to the first single "Good to Go" from their forthcoming record, Or Forever Hold Your Peace below.

NN: You have an interesting history, can you give us the scoop on what you have done in the business?

Kyle David: I started rapping professionally in 1996 with a group called Five Deez. We were signed to a Berlin based labeled called K7! Records as well as BBE/Rapster. That lasted until about 2006 when everyone went their separate ways and began working on solo material. CITOAK and I had known each other since the late 90's and regrouped through a mutual friend, DJ Nate the Great. We decided it was time for us to collaborate and started recording together in 2012.

NN: As Cincinnati artist coming into Louisville's hip hop scene, what is your impression of it?

KD: I love the Louisville Hip Hop scene.  It seems to be very established and uniform. I notice a lot of love for artists when we're in the Ville. Dope beats and rhymes.. You can't ask for much more! Shout out to all the dope independent artists out of the 502. RMLLW2LLZ, Dom B, WIP, Goodbar, 1200, Dr. Dundiff...the scene seems to be growing and has some strong talent on deck as well.

"I notice a lot of love for artists when we're in the Ville. Dope beats and rhymes.. You can't ask for much more!"

NN: What kind of vibe do you expect people to have when they listen to your music?

KD: I expect a mid 90's vibe, definitely Hip Hop but more mature. It's a throwback to an era of more substance, less trap.

SOS music will be available at iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, all the online digital retailers. Right now, you can check out our first single, Good To Go at Our forthcoming album is titled Or Forever Hold Your Peace. Basically, it's shit or get off the pot! Citoak and I are getting old and ain't nobody got time for that...

NN: Who's your biggest influence in music?

KD: Bigger influences in my music would be Stevie Wonder, Chuck D, A Tribe Called Quest, Charlie Wilson, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, and the creators of Kidz Bop. Don't fuckin' judge me!

NN: What music is getting you excited recently?

KD: I get excited when I hear porn music... Other than that, Schoolboy Q, Quiet Hollers, Blink 182, This Drake/Joe Budden battle is pretty fucking enticing, and the lovely melody of my 7 year old daughter covering Sorry by Beyoncé.

NN: What's better, Cincinnati Chili or a Kentucky Hot Brown? Don't mess this one up!

KD: Cincinnati Chili is only better in Cincinnati, in front of a Cincinnati crowd. Other than that, Kentucky Hot Brown, hands down son!

Friday, July 22, 2016

WATCH: Powell - "Clock"

Alternative rock band Powell has a new music video that features a heavy hitting track titled "Clock". The song can be found on their most recent record Palbum which was released in August of last year.  I'm not usually clever enough to decipher what exactly the narrative is behind most music videos, but in my estimation this short film is about a group of masked thieves that steal what appears to be a church organ from a creepy old man in the middle of a farm.  The perpetrators then decide to beat the fuck out of the instrument, kind of the same way you saw the three main characters from Office Space destroy an old fax machine.  Aside from this little caper, you also get to see the Powell perform a zesty toe-tapper in a barn.  Neat.

Watch the video for "Clock" below:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

INTERVIEW: Dahm Majuri Cipolla returns to talk about Soft Gang, NYC, and Success!

Pictured above: Cipolla eating light. Like you do.
Dahm Majuri Cipolla has an impressive CV. Cipolla spent his formative years in Louisville performing with bands like Dead Child, Starkiller, Sapat, and Brothers of Conquest before forming Phantom Family Halo. A few years ago, Cipolla relocated Phantom Family Halo to NYC, where he has remained in residence since. Most recently, Cipolla has joined Soft Gang who are making waves with their own brand of psych-pop. You can hear there newest record below, out now on Sophomore Lounge, and you can catch them this weekend playing with Young Widows and Pet Eunuch at Kaiju. We caught up to Cipolla to see what he's been up to, where he's heading, and to ask about his best lie.

Never Nervous: What is the story with Phantom Family Halo? Tell us what we've missed since we last spoke.

DMC: I took some time away from PFH to just focus on being a drummer, I've been doing that with several different projects and spent majority of the last year and a half touring playing drums for MacKenzie Scott/Torres. In the last month I've finally got a chance to work on a new PFH record. I've been working with Martin Bisi at his studio in Gowanus Brooklyn, and just yesterday finished 13 ruff mixes for a new PFH record.

NN: How did Soft Gang start? How does it differ from your previous work?

DMC: Soft Gang was pieced together by Jason Loewenstein, he put all of us in touch with each other and thought we would be a good match. It is different, because I basically concentrate on just being the drummer rather than guitar or vocal duties.

NN: Is there a specific aesthetic vision that you all are trying to achieve? Is that something that you discussed before coming together?

DMC: We definitely wanted to have a interesting front person and we think we found that in Kaori.

NN: How would you describe the band to someone perhaps unfamiliar?

DMC: Kraut rock-ish rhythm section with melodic yet dissident guitars and vocals.

NN: Were you the only constant in PFH? If so, what makes a band a band? What's the soul of an artist collaboration when people come and go? How does it stay static and cohesive?

"I am the only constant in PFH. I use that name mainly as a umbrella that covers my kind of song writing. As long as I am reaching a familiar  interesting enjoyable place when putting the songs together then I'm satisfied. Many different people have added great ingredients along the way."

DMC: I am the only constant in PFH. I use that name mainly as a umbrella that covers my kind of song writing. As long as I am reaching a familiar  interesting enjoyable place when putting the songs together then I'm satisfied. Many different people have added great ingredients along the way.

NN: Relative to that, how do you write? Is it singular or collaborative? Is it unique to each project?

DMC: PFH always seems to be just me writing and recording a version of a song then bringing it to others to maybe elaborate on. But I do collaborate with people in other projects where we start together from scratch.

NN: When is a song done? Can it change in the moment on stage or is it a picture in time of a particular set of ideas?

DMC: Definitely can change on stage with moods, but I think it's done when you confidently feel like you can't add anything else to it.

NN: How would you compare the NYC scene to the Louisville scene? What are the pros and cons of each?

DMC: First thought would be size difference, there are many different scenes in NYC and probably just a few in Louisville. Louisville is much more tight and together, everyone mostly knows each other. NYC people come and go all the time and faces change regularly so it's always changing and less of a solid community in comparison.

NN: Do you ever miss Louisville?

DMC: Yes, I miss people I love here regularly.

NN: How did you all come to work with Sophomore Lounge?

DMC: I have known and worked with Ryan Davis off and on in the past. He liked the record and we love him.

NN: What are the stresses involved in touring? How do you prepare?

DMC: I love touring. Only stresses are missing my wife, cat, apartment and neighborhood.

"I love touring. Only stresses are missing my wife, cat, apartment and neighborhood."

NN: Is music your only job? If so, congratulations, and how have you managed? If not, how do you balance adult responsibility with artist pursuits?

DMC: Yes right now it is.  I play as much music with as many people possible. I try to save money and have really learned to stretch the dollar.

NN: How do you identify success?

DMC: Being able to survive "working" at something you enjoy. Being healthy and having your loved ones healthy and supportive.

NN: What's the best lie you've ever told and why?

DMC: That I was in Black Oak, Arkansas to a trucker at a truck stop. He was really excited to meet someone from Black Oak, Arkansas, made his day.

NN: What is your proudest achievement in life and why?

DMC: Realizing my world is full of music, good people that I love and cats. Those things are great.

NN: What non-musical things get you excited lately? Have you read, watched, eaten, or drank anything worth mentioning?

DMC: I love ufo cults, Indian buffets, watermelons. Lately...

NN: Last but never least, what have you been listening to lately and

DMC: Brian Eno, Klaus Schulze, Rodion G.A., Suicide, Jaki Liebezeit, Badfinger, KISS

INTERVIEW: RMLLW2LLZ on the origin of his name, the release of "Nu Growf" and how to get your tracks on the Radio!

RMLLW2LLZ (also known as Romell Weaver) is a busy dude that stays involved in Louisville's hip hop scene.  Aside from being at just about every show I go to he also manages to host a radio show,  he's continued to regularly release new music of his own, and he tours from time to time.  Speaking of new noise, he plans to release a new EP called Nu Growf this week.  His latest effort is scheduled to hit the streets this Saturday, July 23rd; Peep a track from the upcoming album titled "Keep the Faith" below:

A release show is set to happen at Headliners the same day as the album's release (7/23) and will feature some excellent opening acts in Otis Junior and Sons of Silverton. In anticipation of this dope show that I will most certainly be at this weekend, I caught up with RMLLW2LLZ to get the scoop on the record.

NN: Did a lot of people spell your name with one "L" before?

RMLLW2LLZ: LOL... the million dollar question...Yeah..R-O-M-E-L-L is my spelling. There were four in my home city so that's how i distinguished myself, but it didn't stick till later when I wrote it as a lyric in a record I wrote called Beyond Great. That's how I opened the song, "It's Romell with two l's so you can keep ya (bleep) suckers off mine".
The rest is history.

NN: Yout new album is dropping the 23rd, how long have you been working on it?

R: Nu Growf is a very collaborative project from front to back. We spent time building before we spent time building. We had a few conversations about the project before it actually went into production. All in all I've had the tracks for a little longer then a year and i started writing to them in May of this year.

"Nu Growf represents a ressurection. The rebirth of a classic sound and me getting back to expressing myself."

NN: What is "Nu Growf"? What does the title mean to you?

R: Nu Growf represents a ressurection. The rebirth of a classic sound and me getting back to expressing myself. Reconnecting to the root of why we do this in the first place. To be a voice for those without.

NN: What producers did you work with on this album? Were they local or national?

R: Every bit of this EP is locally produced. I worked with some good friends of mine from Lexington, KY that go by the name Re-Education Camp. Jon "DSV1 Jon EG" Gore and Zack "Z" Messick are the names of the fine gentlemen that make up this nucleus. They produced each and every track and even put the skit at the beginning together.

Every emcee is home grown: Eons D, Otis Junior, Pronoun, Sasha Renee, Sincere, and GoodBar. I think that makes for a pretty nice collaborative effort. That was was a great deal of musical genius on one word. It was all recorded mixed and mastered at Framehouse Recording Studio by my man Sean Framesdanco Thomas. And one time for Ashley Cathey for the cover art! That was clutch!
See, the collaboration was real.

"Every emcee on Nu Growf is home grown: Eons D, Otis Junior, Pronoun, Sasha Renee, Sincere, and GoodBar. I think that makes for a pretty nice collaborative effort."

NN: I know you do some radio DJ work on the side. Where at? What time? How's it going for you?

R: I do, I do. Let me correct that, we do. My long time friend and official dj, DJ DS and I have a radio show on 97.1FM WXOX Louisville (ARTxFM). It's for those of you not in the Louisville area. We are I and Eye Radio every Tuesday night 10pm until midnight.  Make sure you tune in for the best in local and undiscovered hip hop! We are having a blast with this radio project of ours. We're still evolving but we know where we're headed. Oh and if you're a hip hop artist and you looking for airplay. submitt your music at

NN: Do you have anything special planned for your release show at Headliners?

R: Yeah man we have a couple tricks up or sleeves and that's probably where I'm going to keep them. Everyone will just have to come out and

NN: What's been your favorite local track so far in 2016?

R: My favorite track for 2016 is Otis Junior - "The 1".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

WATCH: I Have A Knife - "The Goblin King"

Prepare yourself for battle, nerds, because I Have A Knife have a new video and it's gleefully heinous. Clocking in at two and a half minutes of blistering punk fury, The Goblin King is like the spirit of flipping tables and get rowdy. The narrative of the video follows the aforementioned Goblin King flying his freak flag all over town, burning things down, and freaking out squares, and it is glorious. This is the kind of thing that you listen to at work to make frighten your enemies by letting them know that you can't be bothered to care. In doing so, you're the Goblin King too, albeit probably one less apt to perpetrate drive by bicycle shootings and mass arson. But you know, it's all pretty much the same.

Whoever made this video is a boss. Using stop motion, puppetry, and paper, the director of this video has made a horrifying nightmare realm where goblins get all stabby and gun happy and all the normals run away. Did you want paper blood and fire? You are in for a treat, good sir or madame, because that kind of thing is all the way on the table. Do you need demonic eyes in the sky or a burning downtown Louisville set to walls of distorted guitar and bass, plodding drums, and the mighty wail of Sean Garrison? Check. This perfectly encapsulates the madness of the music and it's flawlessly awesome.

Watch it below and get into it.

LISTEN: Dom B ft. RMLLW2LLZ - "Mona Lisa"

These cats may have just fucked around and used a history lesson as a metaphor for a relationship. Dom B & RmllW2LLZ (aka Splash Brothers) are honestly on some other shit right now and I don't know another impromptu duo taking it quite to the level they take it with natura chemistry on tracks. When we wrote about the Splash Brothers EP we mentioned these guys were like Louisville's version of The Barrel Brothers, and I'm still going with that. Two emcees who can stand on their own two but effortless create by going outside the box with their frames of reference, like drawing parallels to historic art pieces, Nefertiti and I think I heard something about a noble steed. Word. Def will be jamming this at the Renaissance Fair this weekend.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LISTEN: BRXTN - "Work" (Remix)

This has been the only Monday I can recall really ever feeling "Work," so shout out to BRXTN for changing lives and providing firsts for everything. I fuck with this song because: A) This dude can sing his ass off B) It sounds pristine, like whoever engineered this shit should get a couple of genuine hi fives and a slow clap 3) I am literally dragging ass at work this Monday morning and this has been helpful. Listen to BRXTN's remix of "Work" below.

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